An Interesting Concept

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Default An Interesting Concept

Someday perhaps.
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Cool deal. but most people can't drive a Toyota we surely do not want to put them on an airplane
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This was posted a while back. At the time I wrote that the wings didn't look big enough to support the vehicle in flight. Considering the 300 hp engine (gas?), the fuel, the electric engine, the batteries, the size of the cab,etc, I think I'm convinced it won't fly.

And one more thing I thought of when I watched the video this time - how do you get in and out of the cockpit?
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Could the "fan" be used for passing on the interstate?

500mph in the air should be good for at least 200 on the ground.

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Originally Posted by chesybayboater View Post
Cool deal. but most people can't drive a Toyota we surely do not want to put them on an airplane
Can you even imagine! No marked roads. It would be chaos, followed shortly by a bloodbath.
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Various flying car designs have been around for decades. The problem has never been one of technology, so much as regulation and pricing. The FAA will never allow Suzie Soccermom to blast off in one without some sort of formal training and certification, which is where the vast majority of potential buyers lose interest.

Most people with the ability to afford something like that, and the dedication to get licensed to operate it, would much rather spend the same money on say, a high end SUV, a nice sports car, and a very decent used C182 or some similar combination.

From their website: "The first six airframes have been reserved at a firm price of $299,000."

This is for the current technology entry level model that's really no different from any flying car concept of the past 50 years. The new fancy version in the video will probably be a lot more, assuming it ever makes it to production.
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For 200,000 I'll let you reserve the first flying car I build..
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