Gas String Trimmers

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Default Gas String Trimmers

My Troy-Bilt string trimmer has malfunctioned for the final time. It is old enough to no longer spend money on to get it up and running. I need a new, straight-shaft gas trimmer. Looking at Cub Cadet, Echo,Husqvarna and would appreciate some constructive input (this is directed at Peapod) from anyone that has had a good experience with string trimmers. This will not see hard service, just occasional yard use so I am looking at units under $200.

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Husqua(whatever) is what I have. Actually just came in from using it. Had it for 3.5 yrs and not a single problem yet. Awesome piece IMO. I have the hedge trimmer attachment as well but prefer using a machete.
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I run a Stihl. Been a fantastic machine. Lots of power for brush and grass. Put the cutter head on and it will take down shrubs and small trees!
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Stihl, echo, or redmax.

those were the ONLY brands I used while working commercially.
I also found the commercial units were MUCH easier to change string on than homeowner units, had a lot more power for thicker weeds, and were MUCH easier to start and run.
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I've got a Troy-Bilt XP or something like that for the house. Cranks up...runs issues. Stihl for farm use, though, as it is commercial grade and accepts metal blades for brushcutting.
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Why not Stihl? Imo the best out there.
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Echo here liked it so much got the leaf blower also.
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Shindaiwa. I have a 26 year old Shindaiwa F-18 string trimmer that refuses to die. The only thing I've replaced are the spark plugs, the on/off switch, and the trimmer head. Trimmer starts on the first or second pull after sitting all winter. I just bought a hand held Shindaiwa EB344 blower with 2/4 stroke technology 3 years ago. It's basically a 4 stroke engine that uses mixed fuel. Very powerful and quiet. My Stihl BR420c Backpack blower crapped out. Needs a carburetor. Just my opinion and experience. -Glen
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*Forgot about Shindaiwa. I have a shindaiwa hedge trimmer and it's awesome.

Their commercial grade products are great.
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I bought an echo trimmer at home depot. I've had it for about 2 years now. I keep stabil in the tank and have yet to have a problem. Cranks right up every time and the line can be replaced with no tools. It cost me $199. I'd buy another.
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Originally Posted by alligatorgar View Post
Echo here liked it so much got the leaf blower also.
Me too. Zero issues after five years...
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I have a Stihl that is 11 years old. Use only fuel wire no ethanol. Only one problem so far - the primer bulb cracked about a month ago. Bought 5 on ebay for $5.00.
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In your price range, I would suggest you look at the Echo. If you can justify it use, I would suggest going Stihl.
I have the Stihl FS90R and it will run circles around the Echo I had. Although I have 20+ trees along with the flower edging and sidewalk.
You may not want to spend the extra depending on your use.
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Echo here too . And the leaf blower . About 9-10 years now .fwiw I used them both over the weekend. I'd buy their products again.
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I just bought the Echo PAS system and like it. It starts easily and with non-e gas should last a decade...
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Stihl all the way. All the landscapers up here use Stihl.
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I typically buy quality equipment redmax blower, stihl chainsaw...
Now for trimmers I buy the cheap ass two strokes at lowes for about $80-90. The one that takes all the attachments I already have. I now also pay them the extra $10 to extend the warranty to 3 years. When they mess up I just take it back to lowes and they give me a new one. I've tried much more expensive ones but admittedly haven't gone full blown commercial. When I do it will likely be a stihl. We have a good dealer here and all my friends that do commercial landscape use that brand and dealer with good results.
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Just fired up my Echo SRM-230 after being dormant for way too long.

It fired up on the first pull. I just need to get it wound with trimmer line.

I will report back as to how it handles the jungle I have allowed to grow on some parts of this property. It will be like cutting corn stalks.
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Echo here............most of the commercial sales folks around here will generally steer you that direction instead of Stihl even if they rep both.
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Stihl... Hands down the best.. Will never own another brand.

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