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Straegen 09-02-2015 03:12 PM

Toughest car ever? Volvo!?!
This is insane. I thought a Toyota Helux was a beast.

NorthShore44 09-02-2015 03:45 PM

I have owned one. An S60. One of the biggest piles of dung ever made. Never again.

The older models were better.

NJFISH 09-02-2015 04:04 PM

Volvo = POS in Swedish

mymojo 09-02-2015 04:11 PM

Originally Posted by NorthShore44 (Post 8214544)
I have owned one. An S60. One of the biggest piles of dung ever made. Never again.

The older models were better.

Yup S60 T5 - owned it for 9 months. Would not start on my 40th birthday. Towed it 35 miles to the dealer (3rd time in 4 months). They fixed it, I drove it to a Subaru lot a mile away an traded it in on a new WRX and never looked back.

Rival1 09-02-2015 05:11 PM

They maybe pieces of shit but that was one overbuilt vehicle took a beating. I've heard stabs are also very safe.

RussH 09-02-2015 07:28 PM

Great demolition derby car that's for sure!

jdmccoy 09-02-2015 07:39 PM

Not a fan of volvo and the people that "love their volvo" are usually strange.

Rapi 09-02-2015 10:21 PM

Volvos are sissies when compared to the Hilux.

BBC Top Gear: Killing a Toyota (Hilux)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Toyota Hilux is, bar none, the toughest car ever.


Brezinup 09-03-2015 03:46 AM

Volvo's = Swedish Rambler.
Sure, Volvo's were always known for their crash protection.
But first you have to get it running to crash it.

tilemule 09-03-2015 04:08 AM

I am surprised there is so much Volvo hate. The XC70 I had was a great car. I used to put my mortar box in the back and fill it with sand, cement and go to work when I didn't feel like driving the dually.

I only put about 150,000 on mine. My brother has over 200,000 on his and his only complaint is that he can't set the cruise control over 111 mph LOL.

eseyoung 09-03-2015 04:15 AM

the only thing i keep thinking, is that as a business owner, is id sure as hell hate to see his workers comp premium.

fidhhook54 09-03-2015 04:16 AM

The volvo 850 was revolutionary back in the day...

it was so safe because it was huge, against the european mini cars,
that are very unsafe, volvo was great.

against the common big vehicles in America it was not that safe.

captwill_80 09-03-2015 04:21 AM

I had two XC70s. The first was not trouble free but wasn't bad either for having nearly 200k miles. Ended up running off the road and rolling it twice down a hill. They drug it out on its roof, flipped it upright, and all 4 doors and the hatch would open and close like nothing happened. Car was totaled but the body was far from crushed.

The second one was a great car. A little slow with the 3.2 but between the AWD and the comfort I loved it. Also used it to tow my key west 186. People used to watch me at the ramps expecting to have a good you tube video but it had no problems pulling it out every time. I just had to add brakes to a sub 3k pound rig but otherwise was sufficient.

Now all of that being said, I used to install mobile electronics in college. Volvos were one of my least favorite cars to work on and was probably in the top 5 for something not working. Number one would have been the firebird/camaro (just had one for a rental the other day and they still look like a POS), two was the cavalier, and three would be a tie between saab and Mercedes.

steelheadtroller 09-03-2015 06:17 AM

Volvos before Ford forced them to put their 3.2 V-6 in them were great. The 2.5L 5 cyl. was bulletproof. My XC70 is about to hit 300,000 miles. The trans was rebuilt at 175K. Other than that, change the oil and forget about it.

Ford is what killed that brand. I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole now.

woodygo 09-03-2015 06:26 AM

Yea that 6 cylinder was an inefficient dog but their new turbo & supercharged 4 cylinder engines are pretty slick. Our XC60 gets 30mpg on the hwy and has plenty of get up and go.

nccoaster 09-03-2015 06:45 AM

Dad had a 242 that started by itself. Seriously, one morning, just out of the clear blue it started. Key was not in the ignition and the switch was off. The only way to cut it off was to stick the key in and turn it on, then off.

Spent a week at the dealer, they had no clue, but replace the ignition switch to be safe.

hhi angler 09-03-2015 08:13 AM

The new ones that will be built in SC will probably be far superior units. The Greer,SC built BMW fleet have been good cars.

JMT34 09-03-2015 08:22 AM

Wife had an '02 (I think) S80 - great car when running, comfortable, amazing mileage, etc. It left her stranded 3 times in 1 year due to electrical gremlins they could never figure out. Traded it on an expedition.

Reefdonkey98 09-03-2015 02:28 PM

Those old volvo 240s are pretty reliable, I know of a few going over 250k. But toyota builds the most reliable cars, my buddy has one with 430k and she still keeps on rolling. Just gotta put thicker oil in there LOL

jdm61 09-03-2015 02:37 PM

The old Volvo 240 series cars were pretty indestructible. The only "modern" car that I would put in that same category or maybe slightly above it are the old 68-76 Mercedes W114/115 series cars, especially the diesel powered ones.

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