Lock your luggage?

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Default Lock your luggage?

Do you guys lock your luggage on checked bags?....
I know if they see something suspicious they will rip it open but lately i have been reading about baggage handlers stealing things from luggage and wondering if I should lock it....comments please.
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Locking checked luggage can be a pain. If you do lock it, make you have a TSA approved lock that they can open with their master key.

Locked luggage is like a red flag that says, "open me there is something valuable inside"

If you use a regular lock, TSA may page you and ask you to come and open your bag or they will force it open, or worse, your bag will not make it on the airplane.

I fly with unlocked checked luggage over 150,000 miles a year, my checked bags are often full of tools, electronics etc. Although I have been inspected many times (notice of TSA inspection form in the bag) touch wood, I have never lost a thing.

I always carry on my computer, I Pad, Phone etc. If it is too valuable to check, then carry it on.

Times are different, the security around checked bags is very tight and the penalties for tampering with a checked bag in a secure area are much more severe.
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The TSA are the ones who steal more times than anyone else these days. You can lock you bag all you want but i can open it and close it without you ever knowing i was in your bag. And this is with a bic pen and never touching the lock.
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Locks on luggage are about as valuable as TSA is: they only provide a false sense of security, can easily be circumvented, and are more bother than they are worth.

Both make you feel like something is being done to protect you.

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If there is something you are worried about disappearing from your checked bag - put it in your carry-on.
Those TSA locks, which pretty much anyone can open are useless, except that they pretty much guarantee in overseas travel, someone will go into your bag.
Never lock any of my bags.
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Had my stuff stolen in Budapest, wish I would have locked it but major PIA to lock it, good thing is Luftansa reimbursed me.
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Locks are useless... better to use zip ties. If TSA wants in, they will cut them but not damage bag. At least you will know when someone has been inside. May keep some of the baggage handlers out and keep bag from accidentally opening.
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I put twist ties on my chaecked bags, just something to make it a PIA to open if they want to try and tie it back again.

Never had a problem, but I wil never put anything of real value in a checked bag.

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