Senseless tragedy.......

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Default Senseless tragedy.......

Texas deputy murdered while pumping gas, this getting old real quick. If people are looking to drive a wedge further between citizens and government this is one way to insure it. Would someone please embed the story, thank you.
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I'm changing my stance on cops immediately going to guns for most situations. There's just too many crazies out there to take time to access the situation. At the hint of any hostile situation, immediately overwhelm them with massive force. Then access and de-escalate if warranted. LE - you now have baypro's blessing.

If you don't want to get choked out or shot by the police then simply comply and take up any wronged with the judge.

Senseless murdering POS needs to be hunted down and shot a few dozens times to non vitals, then after the cops have rested call for the ambalance to check on the leaking. Hopefully it will have bleed out by then.
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That's terrible... This link has some photos from the cameras. Looks like the perp was a black male.
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Terrible, poor guy never had a chance. RIP officer.
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I know that I may get flamed here, (already have by several of my own brothers who are in varying law enforcement rolls) but it is my opinion that poor training has a direct link to many of these situations. I have witnessed many poor procedural encounters by LEO's that could have easily gotten them killed.

* very poor situational awareness
* turning their backs on folks.
* walking up to the drivers side door without ever stopping to look through rear window
* just being very lax procedurally.

Why aren't these cops being taught to be street smart, that would go a long way in being able to at least give themselves a fighting chance...

Until each and every cop starts to see each and every person they meet as a true threat to their lives and always maintaining protocol and never relaxing their guard this will continue to happen with increased frequency...

No.....I am not saying this is the cops fault, not in the least, scumbags fault all the way, all law enforcement agencies need to drop the pc crap, stop tip toeing around to please the race gaiters, and start to kick some ass to make sure all scumbags know what will happen to them when they screw with cops.
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Waiting to hear what our Dept of Justice does on this. Or if the President makes a special trip to make a speech at the crime scene......
No doubt this is a hate crime and all.
just sayin.......

On a more serious note. Prayers for the officers family (wife and 2 kids) in this senseless violent act. I just cannot wrap my mind around how someone like this guy or the other one that shot the news crew can just come up a kill a person in cold blood.
That is the ultimate disregard for human life and those two are no better than the ISIS terrorists are.

Being that the crime was in Texas at least the guy will get what he deserves. If he lives long enough to make it to trial.....
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Man was arrested, history of minor offenses. Mother turned him in. There have been "kill the cops and whites" rallies down there just recently.
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We've had two cases where a black attacker killed white folks. Where's the outrage from the president and the media? "White Lives Matter" ����

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