Creepy and freaky!

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Default Creepy and freaky!

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Yup, seen that before with fingers in an effort to keep circulation going to the severed limb.
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It does seem freaky, but it works. Years ago, a guy that worked for my dad cut his thumb off while using a table saw. He picked up the thumb, put it in a ice water and they rushed him to the hospital. The doctor said that in the present condition, the thumb couldn't be reattached. So they attached it right next to his belly button and they did surgery on his hand. After awhile, they removed the thumb from his belly button and reattached it to his hand. The operation was a success, but he was kind of funny looking for awhile with his thumb sticking out of his belly button. The body is an amazing machine.
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Think I'd request it to be attached right next to my CAB's for a number of reasons.
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Man how long am going to have to avoid trying to look at that pic?
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Bonus - It would eliminate the need to bend down to put on socks.
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There's something underhanded about that guy.
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It's alive!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cousin "it" needs a manicure.
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Originally Posted by debugger View Post
There's something underhanded about that guy.
I see what you did there.
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That must have cost just short of an arm and a leg.
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