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Default Warranty Question

I was task with installing new bumper/stops on some loading docks at a warehouse. I subbed it out to a contractor that I've used a couple times, he said he warranties his work for a year.

About six months in, these bumpers started falling apart, the welds broke and the rubber pieces all fell off the frame. At first he said is was misuse and it wasn't warrantied. The more I looked at them it was obvious they weren't made correctly, the metal bar that hold the rubbers/tires pieces weren't long enough to be welded. Some of the smaller ones he installed actually have a lag bolt type cap on one end and a welded nut on the other. (these had neither) I had him come back out and he agreed they were not made correctly.

The manufacturer that he bought them from also agreed and said they would replace bumpers but now the dock repair guy says there was nothing wrong with his install so he's going to have to charge me to remove and replace the broken ones.

What are your thoughts?
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The manufacturer should pay the contractor to replace them.
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If the dock repair guy "warranties his work for a year", then it's iffy. If he selected the bumper materials, you could argue that he was responsible for choosing a serviceable product and failed to do his work there. If you selected the bumper materials, sounds like the dock guy would be off the hook.

I agree with the post above, manufacturer should pay for the re-install. But, if there is any written warranty from the manufacturer, it might warrant the product and nothing else.
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I'm not so sure the manufacturer should have to pay labor cost, maybe discount something in the future to the dock guy? To me the dock guy should just pay his employees himself or work it out with the manufacturer. It's his vendor, I just don't see why I should have to pay twice because he bought a bad product.
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Yah, I don't see his labor being part of the warranty for installing a product with a manufacturing defect that was latent.
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Obviously the contractor doesn't want your work any more, and doesn't care how many people you tell..
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