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Default Apple tv

Who uses it? I'm looking at 250+ a month for Internet and tv, and it's got me thinking about just switching to the closest thing to a la carte, which would be android or apple tv. I watch discovery history a and e, outdoor channel. Kids watch Disney nick etc, have a lot of movies for the kids dvred. Has your experience with switching been positive?
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I just ordered another Google Chromecast from Groupon. It is refurbished, but for $20 + shipping/tax you can't go wrong. The only thing is that you need to link it up with an android phone or tablet.
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It doesn't support the Amazon Prime app which is annoying. My kids live on NetFlix so for nearly 2 years - that's all I had.
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Apple TV here, and losing my home gym for a play room soon, will be buying a second one.

No cable for two and a half years. Apple TV (surprise surprise) is the easiest and most intuitive of the streaming bunch. I say that having also used computer and hdmi, roku, and wii.

Annoying the amazon prime isn't supported, but can still mirror it from ipad to Apple TV, and honestly I don't watch prime that much.
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Love the mirroring from the iPad as well.
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Apple TV does the same thing as chrome cast, fire stick, or android tv but costs more money. Like all apple products. If you have an iPad, get Apple TV. I have an iPad for a tablet, but a S6 for phone. I have a Sony blue ray player and was unable to mirror with my iPad, but can stream from my phone no problem. Apple only plays well with Apple.
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I have both an apple tv and a roku. They do similar things with the ATV having neat features with my iPhone, iPad and iTunes. The roku has Amazon prime and Sling. If you are ditching cable and only going to pick one box then the roku has more content and you may be able to get a discount if you sign up for sling. That way you can kee your ESPN live tv along with about 20 or so other channels.

In terms of best performance and most intuitive interface the ATV wins hands down. Much like android the roku ecosystem is open so you get tons of crap channels/apps. ATV is closed so you are at the mercy of Apple but everything works and works well. My 3 year old ATV is much faster than my brand new top of the line roku. You get what you pay for I guess.
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so what im hearing is its pretty good. im thinking i will hang on to just the basic 45 channel cable line up and get on of these streaming services. which has the most free content on it? some of this stuff is brand new to me, sling?? fire stick?
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We habe Roku, apple and fire stick in the house. I prefer the Roku based on the amazon prime compatibility.
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Just dropped cable and replaced with a smart blueray player that has netflix and amazon prime apps built in. What are you guys going for local channels and sports? I was thinking a inexpensive HD antenna. The only thing I can't get is ESPN.
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We love ours, I only have one gripe.

Its not quite working perfect for my karaoke system.
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We have chrome cast, Roku , and Apple TV.
I find the Apple TV easier to use and there are more functions if you have other apple stuff.
All your pics and music are easy to stream through it, mirroring etc..
I like how YouTube works through it better than the other streaming devices.
My gripe is apple just decided one generation is obsolete and stops supporting functions like YouTube.
Now your perfectly good Apple TV device will no longer play YouTube just because Apple says so.
Sucky, strong arm way to treat customers if you ask me .
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Love it!
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We cut the cord 8 years ago. I use Roku players connected to Netflix, Sling and Plex. I supplement with a decent OTA antenna in the attic.

Plex is the real workhorse in our family. It streams any stored media to most devices. Roku's are a close second as they are ridiculously easy to use. The ability to use headphones attached to the remote is a fantastic feature.

I would not use Apple TV unless you are a big iTunes supporter. Apple walls off too much of their system and everything is basically a pay to play or you have to root the device.
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