Termite Damage?

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Default Termite Damage?

Does anyone have any experience with termites? In the process of purchasing an older house with evidence of termite damage. The home inspector says it was treated and the termites are not active. I would feel a lot better if I could confirm that the house was structurally sound or how much it would cost to repair the damage. Does anyone know of a termite restoration specialist in the Bristol County, MA area? Any help is appreciated thanks!
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I would think that any competent builder would be able to assess and repair termite damage.
If you're looking for a good bug guy, call New Bedford Pest Control 508-994-4433. We have used him at our house and he is great. Terminix requires a yearly spray for big money and this guy informed us that the he uses the same chemicals which are good for 15 years. He recommended we schedule another visit in 10 years to re-spray.
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Are we talking about dry wood termites? NO bug spray can stop them. You'll kill a few, but they're still going strong. The only way to get rid of them is to tent and fumigate the house. The gas penetrates the wood and kills the colony. I'd want proof of tenting not some bug guy spraying once a month.
As to structural damage, depends on a lot. Thickness of wood and age of home are at the top of the list. It's not a beaver chomping on the place. It's a slow process. But when it's season for them to fly, you don't want them in your home.
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Lived in the Deep South before moving to the north country, don't let it scare you, here there are only subterranean termites, once they are gone the're gone, just have a termite inspection and have an inspector asses the damage, could be an opertunity to get some knocked off the price. If the damage is only superficial it's no big deal. Might pay to have a termite contract. Good luck

Formosian termites are a compleatly different story!
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Tenting is only required for an extensive infestation. A good home inspector can usually assess the damage and believe me, those little munching f'ers can turn what looks like a good 2 x 12 beam into something you can pick up with one hand! I had them twice at my last house. Both times I caught it quick enough that I was only replacing a couple of joists but I became ultra meticulous at keeping the foundation clear of vegetation so I could see any of the little dirt tunnels they make with just a walk around the house. It's not often a deal breaker IF it has been treated and remediated properly. It does suck and makes your skin crawl though! lol
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Termite infestation was a painful experience for me. These terrible little insects can make life miserable until they have been totally eradicated. Most of the people try to control this infestation with some DIY methods but according to me calling professional to handle this infestation is best. You can find a local exterminator CT that is trustworthy, affordable, and who will get the job done right.
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