need to buy new law tractor

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Default need to buy new law tractor

my 15yr old tractor is getting tired. its a craftman and served me well. it has a kohlar 16hp motor that is still good. but I just want a new one. lawn mower repair shops tell me kohlar was bought out and the new ones are junk. I am trying to get advice on what to buy now there are tractors and the new timecutters. I need to know what is a good brand and what engine I should buy it with because all brands come with different engines. I like to stay under $ 2800.00. any help is appreciated thanks
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We have a 42" husqvarna with a 22HP Briggs and Stratton engine. It was about $1,200 and we bought it about 8 years ago. Its been a pretty trouble free tractor.
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I have had 2- MTD mowers in the past 29 years and I still use one of them for plowing snow. I bought a Craftsman tractor last year because it had the tight turn option that MTD didn't have. I have had the Sears repair guy to my house twice because it's almost impossible to let the clutch out slow enough to keep from doing wheelies. I actually hate the mower but the only exception is it cuts well and the triple bagger holds a lot of grass. I will never by another mower that isn't hydrostatic.
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Cost and quality wise I would still go Craftsman.
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where are you located? I have a 21hp Craftsman that's not very old with light use. I am moving. Not cutting any more hahahah
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You gonna tow anything with lawn tractor, Push snow?
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at the risk of a derail, I'm in the same boat. My 2-year old Husky 2146 just doesn't cut the thick grass without slowing down a lot. Visit to several retailers and they all say go to a ZTR (zero turn) even though the yards I cut aren't lots of acres.

John Deere is like Kubota; much more expensive than Husky. Husky is in the OP's price range.

Any reasons to stick with a Riding mower over a Zero Turn?
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Originally Posted by bamaboy473 View Post

Any reasons to stick with a Riding mower over a Zero Turn?
If all you're doing is mowing, the ZTR is probably fine. But it is very limiting. A decent tractor, especially one with a solid transmission, a few spools of hydraulics, and a rear hitch (3-point or sleeve) will have myriad other uses.

My JD garden tractor mows, pushes and blows snow, can till a garden, has a front-end-loader, hauls a heavy cartload of wood, etc. I would never trade it for a ZTR.
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Husqvarna 42 with a Kohler 20 hp motor. Cutting 1.3 acres in Florida 12 months out of the year. Replaced one set of blades and routine maintenance. Has lasted for 9 years and still looks and runs great.
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I inherited a Kubota and retired an aging MTD. I think the Kubota must be ten plus years old, but it's built like a tank, and powers through even the tallest grass without complaint. Cut 3 acres over the last two evenings.

My neighbor has a zero turn Husquevarna that I used to cut his five acres while he was out of town. Fell in love with that machine, but way out of my price range since I have a good tractor.

My only thought about the zero turn is that while it covers ground quickly, I think the tractor is better if you have rough terrain or steep angles to deal with.
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BIG difference between lawnmowers ("lawn tractors", but IMO a tractor has a 3-point hitch and a PTO or it isn't a tractor) and garden tractors. I intend to find an old Garden Tractor one day.

However, right now I have a Craftsman lawnmower given to me by a friend. It was a "home test unit" for Husky. Motor is a 24 HP Briggs V-twin, and has over 700 hours on it. One oil change, done by me. No smoke on startup. Runs like it's brand freaking new. The lawnmower looks and works like it's new, no complaints from me. In my opinion, unless you are in the market for a garden tractor, go out and pick which color you like the best. I know for a fact that Husqvarna and Craftsman are the EXACT same pieces of equipment other than the color and the shape of the hood. JD is similar. I have a 46" deck and mow an acre 9 months out of the year. The thing has served, and continues to serve me well. I added the triple bag bagger, which is great.

I don't know much about the Kohler engines, but I will swear by a Briggs any day of the week. Get the biggest engine you can, you won't regret it.
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Also have had good look with craftsman. I buy the cheapest one the size I want. Have had 2 - first one 25+ years second one on about the 10th. Both briggs. Gears for plowing and towing HP for mowing. The extra HP (like 22 or so) come in handy as they spin faster and cut cleaner than the old ones and you really need it to mulch with a 42 in deck.

Can't imagine there is much difference between brands these days within the same price range.? But you can pay big bucks for a big name brand if you want. They look good an dare probably needed in some neighborhoods.
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Two words John Deere.
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3 words....avoid cub cadet
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I went through all of this last year...

My older Husqvarna was a box store mower. It had a B&S and a stamped deck. It did hang in there for ten years and my neighbor is still using it...although on a smaller property than what we have.

I found that the YT LS series was a nice compromise over the stock mowers. It came with a 23hp Kawasaki that far outperforms the 23hp Briggs on the old mower. It has a reinforced deck and a heavier transmission with a locking differential.

I found a great price online shipped, then went to my local shop and they came within $125 of that price so went with a local purchase.
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Originally Posted by neverenoughfishin View Post
Two words John Deere.

I would seriously consider an older lawn tractor with a Kohler or Kawasaki engine. These tractors are 4-season machines and you will be amazed at how well-built and engineered they are. Clean, low hour examples can still be found....educate yourself and be ready move when one pops up in your area.
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If all you are going to do with it is cut grass, go with a zero turn. You will cut your mowing time significantly.
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Silly question: can a "lawn tractor" move a 17' boat around on a driveway...?

What about a snow blower, modded for the purpose (blower bits out, hitch ball bolted on)?

Other: Busy with other things, I neglected my old-school Toro push mower, and I think managed to add old gas by mistake. Boy, it took some work to get it back to health..!
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MTD (Machine Tool & Die Co.) makes many of the box store brands of yard equipment, like Yard Machines, Cub Cadet, TroyBilt, and I think Craftsman. The only thing I like about Craftsman is that you can usually get replacement parts no matter how old it is. What I don't like about them is that they're always changing things so as to offer the most innovative features, some of which are useless. If it's in your budget, go w/John Deere. That said, I picked up a 48" Yard Machines at WalMart about 10 yrs ago that was a leftover. Paid approx. $850 which included a little steel dump trailer. It had hydrostatic drive and an 18 HP Briggs IC engine. Took care of my 3/4 acre lawn and my parents & in laws as well. Guy who bought my house is still using it. Replaced the belts & pulleys once & rebuilt the carb. Probably the best money I ever spent.
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I just bought a 46" Craftsman with the bagger. It is made by Husquavarna and is great. I have a large uneven hilly yard and nothing phases it. Bought it over Memorial Day sale and was over $500 cheaper than anything else I could find.
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