PayPal/eBay Fraud

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Default PayPal/eBay Fraud

I KNOW someone here has some good advice. Here's the short story:

I started receiving a slew of emails from PayPal confirming iTunes gift card purchases on eBay. I don't believe in anything Apple, so these were not purchased made by me. Total was around $250 from 7 different eBay sellers. I started emailing the sellers warning them, and one responded with the eBay user ID that made the purchases. It was an ID whose reviews are almost 100% labeling them as a scammer. So they were using my PayPal account and their user ID. Contacted eBay, told them the fraudulent ID. They said it is a PayPal case since that's my account that got hacked (nothing was purchased using my eBAy user ID).

Called PayPal and got it resolved IMMEDIATELY (all fraudulent charges had a unique case # opened and were taken off my account). The lady I talked to was awesome. Huge huge huge props to PayPal - they went above and beyond, and were exceedingly helpful.

Anyway, here's my question: my PP account has been cleared of fraudulent charges, password reset, and I've given eBay the ID of the fraudulent eBayer (though it didn't sound like much action was going to be taken on their end). What else can I do? I hate a thief, and want this guy to burn. Basically I want the book thrown at them, whatever that entails. Can I sue? Criminal charges? Would it be worth it? Or just let PayPal handle it - they said they were going to investigate and email me the findings.

Can't stand a thief. And that's exactly what this is. What say you ThT - I know someone has experience here!
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It will get addressed. PP will inform them of it and they will handle it.
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I have no experience but I would give it a few weeks and inquire on the findings or request copies of the findings. They may even give you options to pursue legal actions based on their findings. I know it is what you want to do at them moment but I would say let them lead the case for a few weeks before hiring anyone. They may be more helpful than you realize in that department as I can only assume they have a zero tolerance for. A business that big, and with that many peoples accounts in their hands, they have many many many lawyers I am sure. Also take notes on EVERYTHING that has transpire. Dates, times, names etc.
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Over 275 bucks? save your mind and money. Let PP handle it.
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Yea I figured just sit back and let them handle it. It's the principle of the matter. I, too, have a zero tolerance policy for this BS.

Anyway thanks for the input. I have his eBay info, so I'm fighting the urge to send him something snarky like "you can stop now, you will be contacted by eBay soon".
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My PayPal account got hacked once. Someone used my account to purchase a gaming laptop on Ebay to the tune of $1800.00. Immediately called PayPal and my credit card company. PayPal immediately closed the existing account and opened a new account, and refunded my money in full. My credit card company immediately cancelled my card and issued me a new one. Check your accounts often, both Ebay and Paypal. Common sense. Also check your credit card and bank accounts constantly. PayPal is alright in my book. -Glen

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"snarky" I thought that was a west coast saying.
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Sign up for one of PP new confirmation logins. When try to log in I am sent a TXt with an number. Works like two factor authentication. No one can sign in without your cell.

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