Sam's Club and Synchrony bank

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Default Sam's Club and Synchrony bank

Last year sam's club dumped their branded discover card in favor of a branded MasterCard. The card is run through synchrony bank a spin off of GE capital.

The clubs really pushed signups and in fact gave you only the choice of canceling the account or taking the new card. To compete with Costco they ramped up their cash back program on the card and especially the gas purchase rewards. I used it with some success when I first got it.

Recently however synchrony bank has changed the way they monitor fraudulent activity on the card. They track usage on a geographic basis and when you use while on a trip they declare it suspicious and freeze the card. You have to call them and the best they can do is offer a 14 day travel authorization. Since I often travel for more than 14 days this has rendered the card all but useless.

Talking with the people at the bank yields no result although they have admitted that a lot of their accounts have this complaint. I wonder if this action by the bank, which in effect limits the cash back option from sams renders the sams program not in compliance with its own rules.

How do I get to someone with enough gravitas at sams to raise this point?
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I doubt you will have much success with Sams - I would contact the bank and explain the sit. Maybe they can alter some fraud detection parameters for your card?
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I opened an account as it provided 6 months no interest on tires and I got $100 gift card for opening the account.

I had a billing issue and as typical of the world, I couldn't understand the customer service person at all. I think they were speaking English, my 5 year old is easier to understand
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