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Default jennair gas grill

My wife is wanting to get me a new grill, seems I burn one completely out every 3-4 years. I have looked a the Jennair Stainless models and Lowes and really like them. One of my customers installs natural gas appliances and said they are pretty decent for the money. He said to make sure I got a grill with a cast iron burner and it would last many years.

I have one friend that has one of these but he has only had it a year but so far he really likes it.

Are these decent grills(for the money) and I cook on my grill 3-4 times a week, for this reason I want natural gas so I do not have to fool with propane tanks anymore
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Default RE: jennair gas grill

My cousin has one, he really likes it but has only had for 1 year.

I've got a regular black Weber - have had 10 years, at year 5 the flavorizer bars and cooking urfaces fell apart, replaced then with stainless units. I would rather cook on the old porcelin over stell grates. The meat tends to stick to the syanless more than the porcelin.
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Default RE: jennair gas grill

I have a gas weber here at home as well as on the houseboat. each are 5 yrs old and still perform flawlessly. cant' go wrong.
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Default Re: jennair gas grill

Can't ever go wrong with a Weber...Or, give the Bull a test drive. Your steaks will thank you.
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Default Re: jennair gas grill

for indirect cooking, there is no other grill that I have found that can touch a Wilmington Grill.

Cast stainless burners, all stainless hardware, last forever. It is very similar to a Holland Grill, only perfected. Had one since Dec. of 99, still perfect. Very easy to clean. Natural gas is an option for it as well.

for direct heat, charcoal is the ticket. I personally like the webber Kettles, there are many good ones out there though.
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Default Re: jennair gas grill

I've got a stainless JennAire, but have only had it for just under a year. No problems at all with it. I previously used charcoal exclusively, so I can't compare the gas one to any others.

While I was looking to buy, there was a Vermont Castings one that looked decent too.
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Default Re: jennair gas grill

You should check out TEC Grills (Infrared). They have stainless models with all of the bells and whistles an outdoor cook could ever want. They make a portable model that we take on tailgating and to the beach. The neat thing about it is all of the heat goes up; therefore, the bottom and sides are cool to the touch (although I wouldn't recommend it, you can actually place it on your cockpit deck and cook without having to worry about damaging the fiberglass).
They are not cheap, but they are in the forefront of grilling technology.

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