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Default sirrius/xm deals

I know we've had threads about this in the past, but I couldn't find any of them.

Anyway, it is time for me to call in and cancel/renegotiate my xm deal. This last go round I got 5 months for 5 dollars a month, paid by check. Anybody re-up with these guys lately and what kind of deal did you get?
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Yea... renewed two of them just a few weeks ago. Was same deal... like $30 for 5 months. And think it was like $99 for a year. Got a flyer the other day but think it was only for new members was $30 for 6 months.
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use a pre paid credit credit card...they are morons
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Have been getting 1/2 price for 7 years now. Before the subscription lapses call and ask to cancel, they transfer you to a person who can authorize discounts if you stay.
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Do NOT use your credit card. Pay either with check or prepaid card. They will not stop hitting card....MAJOR PIA to stop.
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We have xm sirsuis also it's like negotiating with terrorists it was $220 for the year because of the channels I wanted.
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I just renewed both cars, threatened to cancel and they made it $105.00 including taxes for one year for each vehicle. They send me a bill for each one. Dave
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Just got a three year deal for my wife new RAV4. $205 for everything.........bill me and I'll send you a check
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Thanks for help guys. In case anyone else's renewal is coming up, I got offered another 5 months for 5 bucks a month or 1 year for 89. I took the year just to avoid dealing with these clowns. Came out to 97 after fees and paper billing so I can write a check.

On another note I've dealt with some bad offshore phone operators before, but this guy takes the prize, I'm fairly certain he was using an automated translator, it was painful.
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Same old same old. 5 months for $25 after threatening to cancel. Been doing this for several years. Just set a reminder on my calendar the day before it expires each time. Kind of silly but that's the game.
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Have it in my Vette and really could care less however it is nice when on long trips

I would always do the 6 months deal for $10-15 and let it expire since my car sits pretty much from Jan-May due to work

This time the gave me a full year for $49, like most say just call them and they will negotiate

Honestly not worth much more than $50 a yr to me anyway
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I just let mine lapse. Waiting on the offers to start coming in.
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Satellite radio is on death row and they know its coming. They got me for $300 so I'm glad to see it so.
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I spend my life in my car and couldn't imagine not having it, like others, call few days before it cancels negotiate. Just renewed last week total $40 for 6 months, took talking to three people
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