Silver Copper Pennies

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Default Silver Copper Pennies

In 1951 approximately 8,500 pennies were accidentally minted in silver, which was still used back then for dimes. To save embarrassment the coins were later coated in copper to hide the mistake. Today the only way to locate these coins is either with a highly sophisticated scale to weigh the difference or removing the outer copper layer. After reviewing my comment and discussing it with my Aunt Zella, wife of Uncle Louie, friend of the Noble Beast referred to as Big Foot, I possibly got a little confused by the 8,500 pennies accidently minted in silver, or perhaps Uncle Louie was confused. Anyway, Aunt Zella said the story is it was actually nickel's that were accidently cast as dimes then converted to pennies, making the story five times more interesting. If it had been dimes accidently minted in copper it would have been ten times more interesting.
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You ARE using it medicinally, right? Not just for recreation?
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day drink responsibly
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I'm sure I would be overpaying, however, a penny for your thoughts.........
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Weird, I think you have the story bassackwords.
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If I had a silver nickel, or copper colored silver penny every time I've heard this....

Jus joking. You ever find any of these nickels, dimes or pennies?
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Still drunk from last night???
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