THT 2015 Summer Challenge

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Default THT 2015 Summer Challenge

OK, everyone is out on their boats cuttin up and having fun enjoying the water and sun.

For you guys and girls that go to the sandbar with a lot of people, this should be easy and quick to do.

It could be at the local bar on the water, on the beach, at a party, a get together, holiday, etc. but something to do with boats/fishing/bikinis/the water, would be better.


1. Get your goofy friends, better half's, kids, pets or a combination of any, together.

2. Get some cheap poster board, (large enough to be read) paint, markers, blood, whatever.

3. Make your own one word signs, stand in the correct order, and TAKE SOME PHOTOS.

"This THREAD is useless without Pichers"

Note: "worthless" can be substituted for "Useless"

4. Post your best photo in this thread.

5. Costumes, Halloween mask, etc. will be a bonus.

We can vote at the end of summer or fall for the THT favorite.
(will pick a date later)

Have the, THT, acronym somewhere in the photo so no matter where it is posted on the web in the future, we will know it came from THT.

We need to make our own TTIUWP image.
This thread will have to be "Bumped" from time to time to keep interest.

Now get crackin!

Currently seeking sponsors for the Grand Prize.
A THT T-shirt, hat, flag or something from a willing vendor.
If this prize idea is considered spam or in violation of a rule, then forgitaboutit.
Then it just will be bragging rights.

This idea may sink like a boat w/o it's drain plug.

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