Green thumb help please

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Default Green thumb help please

My Elephant Ears took a shellacking a couple days ago when the temp dropped to 25.
What's the best thing I can do for them now to help them out?
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Bummer! I'm pretty green and I deal with that issue often here in AZ with ALL kinds of plants.

Right now? Do nothing. Wait a few weeks and make certain you're not going to get a repeat freeze performance from Mother Nature.

Then, with warm weather ahoy, cut them back. Cut all the outer frost burnt leaves (stalk and all) as close to the base as you can. At center mass, cut the stalks down about half way, leaving the very center intact. Fertilize and water. They will put new growth on in the center and it might take awhile, but they'll come back.

The other answer is more expensive and depends on how fast you want your landscape to return to "normal." That's dig them all out and replace them with fresh ones.

From your picture, it looks like the only real freeze damage was to the leaves, the base plant looks fine, so option one above should work just fine.
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Cut them to the ground, Seriously they will grow back. But the freeze burn will never go away.
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If you do not cut the leaves and stems back as DL mentioned then they will become roots/legs extending out from the main trunk. Also, if you cut the trunk it makes a very sticky/gummy resin so just cut the stems when cleaning them up in the spring.
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