Wife needs a new car

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Default Wife needs a new car

Wife is 70 and has been driving a 2005 Buick Rendezvous since we purchased it new. It was the top of the line model back then and she wants a similar vehicle.
We don't drive as much as we used too and I have a very good Ford Expedition EL that is used as my personal vehicle and it serves my needs as a tow and hunting truck very well.
Today we were going to look and drive several smaller SUV s and the first one was a Honda CR-V touring model. She loves it and is now reluctant to look at other similar models.
Anyone have this SUV and have any comments? Are there other makes and similar size models we should test drive?
From my research Ford Escape, Buick Encore, Hyundai Santa Fe, and the Toyota Rav4 are in the same class as the CR-V.

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Get the CRV.
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I hear the Rav 4 can tow most anything.

Seriously though 2 neighbors have new CRV's and love them.
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Get the CRV. (Happy wife, happy life... )

Every Honda we have owned (Pilot Touring, Ridgeline, Accord, Civic) has exceeded our expectations. My daughter is alive because of the crashworthiness of a Civic.

Great vehicles!
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Originally Posted by turquoiseblue View Post
Get the CRV.

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In that class of vehicle (assuming you don't want to step up to a small luxury SUV), the CRV is the best choice; second would be the Ford Escape, which will cost you more.
As for the Buick Encore - not since the 1980's is 138 hp (which is their top engine) considered sufficient for anything bigger than a Mini; and, having had one as a rental car, I am not sure it even has 138 hp - it was the slowest vehicle I have driven in recent times, including a base Fiat 500.
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CRV and RAV4, great options. Having owned to escapes, I don't consider them to be near the quality of the CRV.

I prefer the CRV, but I have a bias toward Honda. (Totaled minivan,and family walked away).
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Bought new CR-Vs for mom and MIL about 2 years ago. Base model was about $22-23k and $1300ish for the 7 year warranty. Neither has been back to the dealer for anything but oil changes. The only calls I get anymore about car issues are "the tire lights is on" (low pressure) or "the wrench light is on" (time for oil change)

Nothing fancy, a little low on power but easy to drive, park, and get in/out of.

My only real complaint is rear visibility is poor. But even the low end models come w a Backup camera. Doors sound a little flimsy when closing, road noise is ok but not great. Resale value is off the charts, I'll probably sell them when the warranty is up for $15k-16k and buy another pair, assuming both are still driving. $1500 a year to never have to go fix the mother-in-laws car? Worth every penny.
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The CRV is an excellent vehicle and you can't go wrong with it. I'd however suggest you look at the Mazda Cx-5.
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I have owned 2 CRVs and have had no problems with them. I like the smaller size for local driving and parking, but for over the road trips we use an Acura MDX with more luggage space and better towing capacity (5K lbs.)
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