Washer Dryer Purchase

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Default Washer Dryer Purchase

After I bought a WD for my duplex the wife wanted ours replaced,so the admiral picked out these, any good? She did not want to pay for delivery so I had to lug the damn things down the basement stairs, other than that they seem good. Any thoughts?? LG makes them.
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Like most things these days, your results will probably differ from the next guy. That said, from what I've read here and other sites, I wouldn't buy a front loading washer. Read up on preventive maintenance and hope you don't have any problems as service can get VERY expensive.

Then again, only once in my lifetime have I spent more than $100 on a washer or dryer.

I will say that they look real pretty, not that that makes them function any better.

Most important, is your wife happy? You might as well tell her she did great.
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We bought front loaders. Thankfully I bought the 5 year service plan. If it thinks the washer didn't drain it won't unlock the door. Two service guys couldn't figure it out, the third replaced the drain pump and that fixed it. That was after they replaced everything else. Don't wash a single heavy object, sweats come to mind, it wont spin enough to get all the water out. We always throw a bath towel in to balance the load. Won't go down this road again. The senior service tech told me they are designed to last 5 years. We bought Whirlpool. Have heard nothing bad about LG.
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I have had the LG Tromm since 2007/8. No real problems. Still going.

From the pics, they look identical.
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Whirlpool Duets 7 years old-1 load every day with $500 in repairs-pretty good.
2000-2500 loads has made think their pretty durable.
The old GE top loader went 17 years before the bucket rusted out with crappy well water.

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We have the LG models similar to yours pictured. The only problem we've had is occasionally if the load is unbalanced or too heavy, the washer overflows out of the relief valve on the back of the machine and foams all over the floor. Controllable but still kind of a pain in the ass. Other than that they work fine. Had them probably 5-6 years now.
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Just being honest. I owned these and had nothing but problems. Shook like a bounce house, and loud overall. HATED them so much left them for free in the house I sold. Get samsung.
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I have ones similar to those pictured. They have been running for 5 years now without a problem.
I would give them an 8 out of 10.

The door should have 3 settings. Closed, partially opened, and opened.
Always keep the door partially open when not in use or it will mold and your clothes will stink.

The pedistalls really help raise it up to a usable level.

I got mine from Sears at 50% off. Combined sale and last years model. With the discount they were close enough to the top load set to get them.
I would not spend the extra money again. When these die, I'm going back to a top load.

Do not buy the Kenmore front loaders. Their control boards fry faster than KFC chicken.
LG or Samsung.
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