parking the big one

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Default parking the big one

awesome when watching on full screen and in high def...

thats a lot of energy to park that baby...
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Cool vid
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Very cool
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great video
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Thats a great video. The boats look like bugs scurrying around!
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Looks tippy at the end
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Funny, that's what my girlfriend calls having sex...... Hey honey you want to go park the Big One ?
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Those big carriers are amazing. I had the pleasure of getting a guided tour of USS Kitty Hawk when I lived in Rio de Janeiro in September, 1961 on her shakedown cruise. The USS Kitty Hawk left on her first trip out of US Waters in August, 1961. She stopped briefly in Rio. Military personnel and dependents were invited aboard. I was seven years old. What a memory.

So sad to see them decommissioned.
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Really glad I clicked on this one. Cool video.
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looks so easy,,,cool video
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SWEET. We have boated in that river for years (Elizabeth river, just off the James, just inside the Chesapeake bay). Even organized poker runs that spent the night in the marina you see when they spin the ship and the hotels you see when they first position her in dry-dock. Passing ships like that IN the river make you feel really, really small!
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great video, thanks for posting.
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Right down the river from us. It must not be a very large Aircraft carrier because I don't think that dry dock is set up for the big boys. We use to fish from the dock where it was removed from until 9/11 happened. I've watched them pull a ship into the dry dock but after that the process is very slow.
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I worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard out of college and was able to ride CVN-71 USS Roosevelt into dry dock. It is a slow process; took all morning that day. The USS Bataan LHD-5 is an amphibious assault ship for the Marines. It is a couple of hundred feet smaller than an aircraft carrier.

Years ago, the shipyard would allow workers to gather up fish after the dry dock was drained. Striped bass would be flapping all around. Environmentalists put a stop to it...

Great video... Thanks for sharing...
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