Charitable Donation??

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Default Charitable Donation??

Seeking advice to make a donation to our patriots..

Wife says Wounded Warrior or Fisher.

Thxs for any advice.
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Both are good, but Fisher House is a favorite. I have been told how helpful it is (and was) having the wife there for support during the beginning of recovery
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Why not split it 50:50.

Both good organizations. We are directly involved with fisher house and wounded warrior.
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Fisher House gets my vote.

Wounded Warriors has supported in the past legislation stripping Vets of their 2A rights even if there not suicidal or mentally incompetent from what I understand.
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Special Operations Warrior Foundation

A guys that used to go to my church was involved in this org. Don't really know much else about it though.
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fisher house is great so is wounded warrior either one is a winner.
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I'd lean towards Fisher also. Wounded Warrior has gone pretty commercial, and the Special Ops community is pretty well taken care of, compared to the normal front line troops. Fisher helps them all.

I have seen first hand the great work that the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (and their other service support organizations, Air Force Aid Society, Army Emergency Relief, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance) does for anyone serving, not just the wounded. Military service can bring a lot of hardships that aren't as obvious as Purple Heart-earning injury. The "Relief" or "Aid" societies pick up there.

I watched Navy Relief in action one day when a sailor, underway on a warship was notified his father was in an accident and approaching death. They went to great lengths to get him ashore (obviously with the Navy's help), personally drove him to Miami (from Key West...Key West flights didn't work) and paid for his ticket home to get him there to see his dad one last time. This kid could not have afforded (nor planned) the trip otherwise. Access to family is something we often take for granted...

Just another group to consider...
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I'm sure they are both excellent, but it bothers me that the US govt doesn't do a better job of supporting vets. The recent VA hospital hearings were shameful.
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Thxs for your guidance folks.

My wife's father is a WWII wounded Vet. We support the local VFW but want to do more through these larger organizations.

We owe more support to our Vets than they receive from their country.
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