do u own a good garden sprayer?

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Default do u own a good garden sprayer?

the pump up, 1 or 2 gallon size?
so many on amazon have bad reviews, as in 15% of buyers say that model is junk.
sears used to have good better best, now walmart has only cheap.
some models used to sell replacement parts but now its just buy another one (the Chinese business model).

anyone have a good experience with a pump up sprayer?
are the chapin models any good?
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I bought this Chapin sprayer last summer and it works well, with one exception. I tried to spray wettable sulfur and the sprayer kept plugging. Other than that, it did a fine job of spraying fruit trees, much better than any of the little 1-2 gallon sprayers I've used.
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go to your local contractors supply company and get a steel curing compound sprayer
it will last a lifetime
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Check out Solo Sprayers. They have an agriculturel/landscape model and a pro model. The 2 gallon pro runs in the $55-$60 range. The poly tanks are twice as thick to anything else out there. Also comes with different spray heads.
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Both mine (a 2 gallon and a 4 gallon back pack) came from Tractor supply.. Just bought the most expensive ones they had. Forget what the 2 gallon was, brass nozzle sold me was maybe $40?

The 4 gallon has 'Round Up' printed on it and has been GREAT, like $80+/- I bought it when I had to kill off the entire lawn for a re-sodding job. Two thumbs up.
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I also used the 4 gallon Round Up sprayer for four years before it needed a pump kit. Which was a very easy o-ring install to get it working again..

It's a back pack model, so might be more than what you need...
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I use Solo backpack's. Parts easy to get. No reason they won't last a lifetime minus a seal job now and then. Mine are 25 years old.
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Stihl is about the best bump sprayer made. It's a back pack model that runs sbout $100 but I've had two in commercial service for couple of years now and they've been fool proof.
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I have a 30 gallon electric sprayer
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Without spending a lot more for a "commercial" one we have a hudson sprayer (metal body) that is God knows how old and still kicking. I only use it for straight bleach. I do rinse it when done fwiw.

I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
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If you are doing a lot of spraying a back pack is the only way to go.
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Round-Up backpack sprayer for at least 5 years; has worked fine, with no issues. I bought a Thompson Water Seal sprayer in 1999 to spray cleaner on our deck. Total piece of crap.
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Another + for the Solo backpack.
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I purchased my 2 gallon pump sprayer at Tractor Supply this past summer (replacing an 8 year old one)when it was on sale for $15 or so. When it goes bad I will most likely toss it and buy another. My use is not that demanding.
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Lowes back pack. Man I love that thing.
Had it about 3 years now, and I ain't easy on lawn toys either. Have sprayed everything from the Bifin that kills the spiders we talk about to Clorox on the house with it. Diesel to keep vegetation to gas then week killer. Heck I don't think they make a liquid I haven't sprayed out of it. Just keeps on ticking to.

Think its 3 gal, maybe a little more. Its the big one, but once you go back pack, your never go back to carry.
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Screw 'em all I just a Pre-Mix Stainless tank from a "Leading soft drink supplier" ... LOL
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I got rid of mine about 2 years ago.
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" do u own a good garden sprayer?"

Yes, we have a great one. I think his name is Steve. I will ask my wife.
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