Rocksmith anyone?

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Default Rocksmith anyone?

Both of my kids want to learn to play guitar, but neither want to take actual lessons from an instructor, nor do either of them have the time to take lessons. I saw Rocksmith in the local Guitar Center and the guy working there said it's a really simple and effective way to learn guitar on your own time. He didn't have a way to demo it so I had to go home and look into it.

It looks like a ramped up version of Guitar Hero and uses a real electric guitar that you provide.

Has anyone here used of know of someone who has used this? Might be a decent Christmas present for my kids.
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I have it. I taught myself using tabs but wanted more instruction and to learn the basics. Didn't like it much and only used it a few times. Maybe I should have given it more time but I think an instructor is a better way.
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Justin Sandercoe...
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If they don't have time they won't learn, like anything else you need to put in the time to get it right.
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I think you guys are mistaking his situation Im guessing they can't dedicate a few specific hours every week to go to a lesson but they have plenty of time during the week to practice if they want.
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Mylespaul.c.m has a long thread about rocksmith. I tried it and gave up pretty quickly, mainly because of the presentation of the notes, chords on the screen
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I took guitar lessons for several years as an adult and my lesson was once per week for 30 minutes. I think nothing can replace a live instructor.

I also think YouTube is a great source for self-teaching guitar. You can find a guitar tutorial for just about any song ever written out there, chords, rhythm, soloing, finger style, bass, vocals, you name it.

Varying degrees of quality but I've had really good luck with YouTube overall.

Just like anything else, you gotta want to practice...

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Originally Posted by Chuckster View Post
Justin Sandercoe...
x2 and also marty shwartz of he is on youtube. learing chords is pretty easy, but what will keep them interested is learning songs. That will also help in remembering and playing chords.
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Originally Posted by chad13 View Post
I think you guys are mistaking his situation Im guessing they can't dedicate a few specific hours every week to go to a lesson but they have plenty of time during the week to practice if they want.
Right. It's more like they'd do it when they can. They cannot dedicate themselves to a specific day/time during the week between school, sports, homework, family activities. But they can certainly both find time at varying intervals throughout the week, such as early in the mornings before school, or 45 minutes before they turn in for the night. Problem is, an instructor isn't going to have that flexibility.

Neither have aspirations of being a world class musician. Just something to make them more well-rounded.
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I'm self-taught (and it shows!) and I never felt comfortable with the concept of one-on-one lessons, so I never took any. I learned the hard way: hold the guitar, put the needle on the LP, try to learn a riff, repeat... repeat... repeat.

These days, it's SO much easier with YouTube. I think Justin is hands-down the best online teacher out there... very cool, great skills, and he knows how to teach. That's the key. Just because you can play doesn't mean you can teach. I also feel it's important to teach kids how to play a song or two to keep them interested. Learning scales is very boring and they'll walk away if you don't make it fun.

I have recommended Justin to many of my friends with great success. I would ask that if after one year your kids have learned something from Justin, consider donating $5 or $10 to him; that's how he keeps the site going. I have donated and will continue to do so.

Marty Schwartz is a good player, but his personality turns me off... but that's just me.

All the best to your kids and their musical futures.
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I bought Rocksmith as a Christmas present last year. The kid wanted a bass guitar.

I bought him a short scale bass which is a smaller version of a bass guitar.

The Rocksmith concept isn't bad. Like you said, it's like the Rockband and Guitar Hero games only it uses a real guitar. It's a little sensitive to tuning which is an issue with this short scale bass we have but I don't have the same issues when I use my guitar.

Your kids can definitely get started learning with the game. It might motivate them to take guitar lessons. I say go for it.
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I know I'm late getting to this but I wanted to go in the other direction of the nay-sayers. My background was I knew how to read music from marching band (trumpet) so I knew music concept/theory, and only a short time ago did I start plucking on bass.

I also got Rocksmith as a present and enjoyed it thoroughly. Like was said, you can pick up RS at any time and go for ten minutes or a few hours, depending on the time you have and your endurance (fingers). I started learning on bass and have since moved on to guitar now.

- Can pick it up at any time and play
- Techniques section helps explain how to perform different things
- Play songs that are popular and you actually know with a full arrangement instead of scales (boring)
- The game bumps up and down difficulty level mid-song, meaning as you learn a song and you perform better the game slowly starts to add more notes and techniques to the phrase. If you get hammered drunk and want to play and suck, it bumps it down a notch or three.

- Game doesn't enforce proper hand-holding and finger position (of course it can't it is not a human), as well as correct strumming to get a strong tone (you can cheat and get a crappy note strummed but it still counts)
- I have a real issue with note recognition on anything other than E-standard. When I tune down sometimes I need to play the low E string half a step down from where the game says I should be, even if properly tuned. It doesn't like recognizing my guitar notes either, but that could be because of the crappy thin strings and the $100 amazon special guitar I got (intentionally). It doesn't really like chords sometimes either.
- Download content is something like $3 a song, I think way too much.

I think for what you want for your kids it is a great tool. I say tool because that is what it is supposed to be, not just something to rock out on. I found myself getting frustrated in the beginning and still do at times, but once you learn a song and can jam out without hardly thinking about it it is pretty cool. I'd recommend it for your application.
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When my son was 13 he played Guitar Hero a bit but showed zero interest in the acoustic that sat in the corner of his room for the past 6 years. A friend taught him how to play the intro to smoke on the water and suddenly had to have an electric guitar for Christmas. Over the last 5 years has gotten stupid good at it mostly by looking up songs on YouTube. Can't read music but will sit and work at a song hours on end. Lots of classic rock. I'll throw songs at him and if he can play it through I give him $10. Amazing how good you get at something when you have 20 hours a week of spare time with nothing better to do.
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