Build a Better Mouse Trap

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Default Build a Better Mouse Trap

or a rat trap.....

I was awoken from a dead sleep this morning by a very loud repetitive banging noise just beneath my bedroom window.

After a few seconds of me trying to figure out what it was, I deduced that it was the outside AC/Condenser unit. The heat had kicked on and engaged the fan on the outside unit.I figured that a stick or something must have fallen in there and when it kicked on, it hit it and made the noise.

Turned the unit off and went back to bed.

When it got daylight, I went out and checked the unit out and was amazed to find bits of fur and flesh splattered everywhere around the unit. Looking down inside the unit, I noticed a small to medium size dead rat carcass lying in the bottom.

Pulled the fan and grate off and plucked the little guy out only to discover that he had been completely decapitated by the fan. On a positive note, I doubt he felt any pain!

Took the opportunity to clean out all of the pine needles and leaves that have accumulated inside the unit. There were rat pieces everywhere and one of his eyeballs was hanging off of the grate. Pretty disgusting! I think his whole head was chopped to bits because I never found it.

Sorry, too gruesome to post pics!
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Ever wonder why they always put the condenser/compressor unit outside the master bedroom?
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