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Default Snack

Discovery has found its next extreme stunt: A man will be eaten by a giant anaconda snake.
In Eaten Alive, naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie will be consumed by an anaconda while in a custom-built snake-proof suit.
Discovery is keeping some of the details quiet for the moment, but has released these two promos, below. We’re told Rosolie covered himself in pig’s blood to make himself appetizing to the snake. Since the “snake-proof suit” has a cord on the top of it, Rosolie is presumably pulled back out the snake’s mouth after being “eaten.” We are also told the snake does not die.

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WTF!!! They will try anything for ratings.
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What Kardash-hole and Honey Boo are not enough? Why can't we feed one of them to the snake?
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Kardashole has been fed plenty of snake during her skanky career.
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I think this is awesome.
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Why do you guys watch those shows? The Kardasians? Honey Boo? I have never watched that stuff nor will I. They sure get a lot of press here though. I watch one "reality" show, The Profit. I could bump into one of those Duck Dynas-holes and I wouldn't know it, same goes for any one of these Kardasians or Honey Boo. You guys sure seem to hate them though, once a week whenever they are on.
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who ????
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Sounds like a Darwin award nomination in the making
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I'll watch when they do it with a great white.
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Originally Posted by Graddy-fied View Post
I think this is awesome.
considering all the other crap that's on
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Should have them feed one of the " naked and afraid" contestants to the snake,then honey boo boo for dessert .
No suit .
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