As we get older

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Default As we get older

Sometimes as time goes by, we stop one day and think of old friends. Well this morning I was doing just that and set out to find some of my old shipmates from the Navy days.

I found one living in Virginia, so I called him....what a nice talk we had, he was able to give me some numbers and he had been looking for a couple also...I had both of the guys addresses and phone numbers he needed.

Photos and memories can never be replaced, my friend and I talked for over an hour (Remembering When). He and I used to do a lot of fishing and crabbing in Newport News, Va and everywhere we ever went on the Ships. We were stationed on two different Ships in our Navy days, tread a lot of water, drank a lot of beers, caught so many fish, dang it was good talking to him.

Anyone else.
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Default Re: As we get older

It never hurts to rekindle old friendships, it can be painful to learn that you're too late.
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Default Re: As we get older

Good that you did that!

I "hunted" a former Navy roommate from the "Guam duty" a number of years ago - Mike lived in Hendersonville, NC.

I called the State of NC Dept. of Motor Vehicles and explained what I was trying to do. They gave me his insurance agent's phone number, who gave me his mother's business phone number, who, in turn, gave me Mike's number - and that was how I got in contact with him.

Met up with him while on a business trip to Ashville and he, his fiancee, and I "closed' down" the local Holiday Inn bar one evening!

I also "hunted" a Navy buddy from Tampa, FL (also a number of years ago) - we went to a Navy school in Pensacola in 1968, and he went to Okinawa when I went to Guam.

I was in Tampa on business and I started with the phone book - first call got me "twin" females who lived in an apartment - almost STOPPED right there, but they wouldn't let me come over for a "visit"!

I finally got Jeff's brother (listed number) and he called Jeff (UNlisted number) to see if he "knew me" and if I was "legit" (Jeff is a roofing contractor and gets a lot of calls from "unhappy" customers, I guess?). Jeff called me at the hotel, came right over, and we chatted (and DRANK!) in the lounge bar 'til 3A.M.!

Wish I'd kept up with more of them - they were some "good ole' days" there, for SURE!

Life IS short, and when you get in your "upper 50's", you find yourself starting to read the "obituaries" on a regular basis! I've lost a number of "young" friends in recent years - WAY too many - and wish I'd been around them more often and kept up with them over the years!

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