Internet Scam/Extortion Warning

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Default Internet Scam/Extortion Warning

Fortunately, my kids are too young for this to be issue, but I did want to make others aware of it: There is a scam out there where people make contact with men/boys through Facebook, etc. and entice them into doing things on cam, masturbation, etc. They record it then say they hacked their Facebook account have all their contacts email addresses and they will send the video to all of their friends and family if they don’t pay them. The 15 yo son of a family friend is dealing with this now. Can’t imagine how stressful this must be for the kid.
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Who thinks of this shit?
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Sounds like he did it to himself, literally
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Lots of videos of me online doing way worse....but at least I got paid for those
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Who thinks of this shit?

Perverted maggots that ought to be shot.
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Originally Posted by DFreedom View Post
Perverted maggots that ought to be shot.
100% correct.

Just a bit ago an perv in PRISON stabbed and raped a female teacher (who was left alone with them) trying to help them get their GED.

Put them all in old containers and dump them into the sea.
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Originally Posted by snapperkid View Post
Who thinks of this shit?
People who I would take great pleasure In removing the fingers from.
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