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Classic25 06-13-2014 02:41 PM

Any Weatherby experts present?
Looking to find a fair market value for a 7mm WBY Lasermark with the Weatherby hard case, scope and factory target. Gun Broker and Guns America are no help. Unfired since purchase, with everything that came in the case. Ball park, what does something like this go for?

Thanks in advance..

Shag 06-13-2014 02:55 PM

Blue Book says:

MSRP $2,500
100% $2,025
98% $1,770
95% $1,520
90% $1,375

What type scope and rings?

Might want to search on Lazermark here.

bamaboy473 06-13-2014 07:50 PM

Both Lazermark and 7mm WBY mag are unique choices. Don't expect a ton of offers, and don't diss a lowball unless you're happy to hold onto the gun.

Set a price and lower it $100 every month until you get offers is what I'd do with it.

First Light 06-14-2014 05:06 AM

I've owned several Weatherby's, and the 7mm is their most popular caliber. There are a lot of variables that will determine the value, such what model it is, what the stock is made of (and if wood, what quality), barrel length, factory options, and most importantly where it was built, as the early barrels built in Germany when Roy Weatherby was just getting started are much sought after. Not sure why you said gunbroker was no help, as there are tons of Weatherby's for sale there, and that website is the best guide you will find to determine the value of yours.

Classic25 06-14-2014 08:13 AM

Gun Broker didnt have anything like this package listed. It has a padded velvet lined presentation hard case with the Weatherby cloth cover material It has the Weatherby scope, Buehler rigns and bases, and leather sling. Now that I've looked closer at it, its the .270 wby Lazermark not the 7mm. The target is numbered (37) . I dont think theres anything special about the gun other than the presentation case. None of the sites I looked at have any reference to the case.

twentynine 06-14-2014 08:36 AM

Hardly an expert but I have a vangard II in 7mm-08.

I really like the gun, prabably the best rifle I have ever owned.

cgrand 06-14-2014 08:40 AM

What do you pay for it new?
What can it be bought for new now?

Classic25 06-14-2014 09:34 AM

Originally Posted by cgrand (Post 6811924)
What do you pay for it new?
What can it be bought for new now?

Bought from an estate. Knew the guy that bought it. I haven't been able to locate a package like this for comparison.

I'm culling some safe queens to buy a Kimber Mountain Ascent.

ol guide 06-14-2014 10:48 AM

Get in touch with Barry at Shooting Investments. He will know, and hes a great guy:

Classic25 06-14-2014 07:16 PM

Thanks. That looks like a place that would have the answer.

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