Looking for some boat chairs

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Default Looking for some boat chairs

Something like a Garelick or Wise style deck chair. I need them to be stout because there are lot's of big people (Dutchmen) in my family. 6'-6"+ and 250 -280#.

Who makes a good one or which one is best and where is the best place to buy?
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Good luck if you are that large. I am only 6'1", and the way they are designed now, I have to slide my azz to the very front edge of the seat before my elbows will contact the arm of the chair. I used to have one that was comfortable, but haven't seen one in many years that didn't sit like it was built for someone 5 feet tall. Most are aluminum, a few are stainless steel, which sounds like what you should look for.
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The Garlick chairs are aluminum, and the ones from West Marine are stainless steel - but the West Marine folding chairs are a little smaller (ie. female size) and the seat is not as strong as the Garlick. Don't know about the Wise brand.

I think you would have problems with either of these brands with people that big occupying them. I have um both and if I had to choose between these two for big people, I would pick the aluminum Garlick, primarily because of its larger size and the fact that it has 8 rubber feet on the deck vs 4 for the smaller WM chair.

P.S. As far as deals go, good luck, as I have never seen anyone discounting these chairs - but I do see used ones every once and awhile on craigslist - but they would have to be local to you as it would not be cost effective to ship one even if the seller could find a box to put one in.

Must be a marine store around Petosky or Harbor Springs if you are in that area of the LP, and there must be some larger marine stores in the Traverse City area?

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West marine sells a s/s one that is wider
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