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Default Unbelieveable

What the f%@# are these idiots thinking? The public education people have gone over the edge with this one.,2933,166018,00.html

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Default Re: Unbelieveable

I hope O'Reilly has a friggen' field day with that one.

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Default Re: Unbelieveable

I just saw that on the news, that is just assinine IMO. Sounds like a liberal judge creating laws from the bench.
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Default Re: Unbelieveable

That is pathetic. Even though I'm originally from Texas, I don't support half the things they do down there. I've been in Arkansas for two years and am a declared AR resident. I gave up my Texas license whereas this soldier still has his. He didn't move out of Texas, instead he was shipped overseas to fight a war. It just doesn't seem right...something's gotta be done about that.
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Default Re: Unbelieveable

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Default Re: Unbelieveable

that is unbelievable.......i'll bet the guy wins

BTW autobahn.....there are no liberal judges in texas....the last one was eaten 2 years ago
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Default Re: Unbelieveable

That's insane......I think that's one requirement that will be changed
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Default Re: Unbelieveable

So, I wonder WHERE his actual place of residence IS...? And what he put on the registration form?

If I got a response like that I'd DEFINITELY find a different school, cuz somehow I don't think THEIR form of "higher education" would be worth paying for.

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