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Default Bookworm Captain

Subliminal message: this is light hearted

My wife's friend's husband is taking classes for a second captains license. He already has what is called a six pack classification. So in conversation with her friend my wife ask if any of this new course involved boats and water. The answer was no it was pretty much the same as the first course all classroom and books. So my wife who isn't burdened with contemplating the meaning of life and/or did Hitler exhibit homosexual tendencies as a teenager quipped "Bookworm Captain". She thought a person with a mix of boating experience and classroom training might make a better captain. (like some THTers) But had to promise not to mention Bookworm Captain to the husband. Now when I heard it the first image that came to mind was the Bookworm in the WB cartoons at the helm. I haven't seen a whole lot of macho redneck bookworms in my day.
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Default Re: Bookworm Captain

Kinda like some of my clients that ask if I have a certain certification to do something. Ill smile and ask them if they want someone that has READ about it or someone that has DONE it.. Usually ends the discussion about the certification
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