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snares , but you probably need a little skill to set them but very effective once you get the hang of them
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Snares are not legal in North Carolina
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I would guess some of the other suggestions aren't legal either, but I don't live in the state so not up on game laws, thanks for clarifying that
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Love the crossbow.

I am shooting mine out to 50 yards. 40 yards distance is solid, I'd shoot anything up to deer size that walks in front of me. 50 yards, accuracy falls off some, but with a coyote sized target, I'm pretty sure I could hit him. The arrow retains enough energy at 50 yards to kill a coyote clean.
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hire a trapper.
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Use a primer only 22lr.
Calibri (?) I think is the brand.
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Coyotes are definitely becoming more and more prevalent even in populated areas. Last week a dead one was found on the campus of William & Mary in Williamsburg, which is not considered rural at all.

Reports are it is believed to be the same one thought to be rabid and had been aggressive towards people and vehicles earlier in the week.,2489866.story
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Wait for the 4th of July, have the kids blow off a brick or 2 of firecrackers while you do the dirty deed with a .22. Have the kids hoot and holler a lot the whole time.

Basic principles of stage magic.
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