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gofishrob 11-01-2013 07:57 PM

Great video of fish theft
This is most likely a duplicate post but a must see if you haven't already

Funny stuff!!!

nitro943 11-01-2013 08:36 PM

freaking awesome...brave little rascal

LYT 11-01-2013 10:07 PM

that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen......bravo my friend -- enjoy it

icemang 11-01-2013 10:19 PM

Never mind the fish, guy's lucky he still has all his fingers.

mercbravo1 11-02-2013 07:26 AM

The pelican is kicking himself for not trying that.

Bold move though!

bamafutbal 11-02-2013 12:01 PM


piazzafatb 11-02-2013 12:27 PM


Dolphin Dave 11-02-2013 01:32 PM

Looks like he's done that before.

SeaCat22 11-03-2013 05:10 AM

That sealion took that fish just like the IRS takes your hard-earned money.

ScarabChris 11-03-2013 08:09 AM

That was great. It sucks to lose the fish but sometimes you have to bow down to those that are clever. Especially when it's a wild animal that gets over on a human.

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