Office 365 vs Google Apps?

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Default Office 365 vs Google Apps?

Lots of tech talk lately.

Just wondering if anyone uses Office 365? We've already signed on to Google Apps, got a set of Chromebooks and Chrome Management Console (networking for the Chromebooks). The deciding factor was familiarity. Everyone here already uses Gmail and a lot of the younger staff (ie: 35 and under) are already using Google Docs. Plus I know a couple other organizations in our cohort that also switched to Google Apps.

Comparing feature to feature, I will say that it appears Office 365 has the edge over Google Apps even those 365 is roughly $2-4 / month per user more expensive than Google Apps. However IMO as the tech guy, user familiarity easily trumps that advantage. Plus the lack of ability to demo Office 365 doesn't help (have to sign up FIRST then you get to demo it).

Anyone use Office 365 either at work or personally?
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We use office 365 for work.
We have been using Outlook since 1999, so the continuity of email that is internally hosted and backed up is important to us. Office 365 with it 5 computer per user account is also a plus, especially with the Skydrive synch feature - most of our staff has a company provided HP desktop in the office and a Dell laptop for home/travel use and some also are now getting Asus W8 tablets; some also use the Office 365 at home on their own desktop.
Office 365 is just Office 2013 on a yearly subscription basis.
I don't have any experience with Google Apps, so I can't compare the two.
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No comparison. Office 365.
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