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Default Bamboo help

You guys seem to have good answers foe the bug problems so how about bamboo?. I had a tree guy cut down a good size stand on my property and now I am dealing with the recurring growth on a weekly basis. I cut it with a weed wacker with a blade attachment. It takes about three hours and is hell on the back. Roundup just seems to piss it off. I used Pramatol on another patch years ago, along with diesel fuel, waste oil etc. and finally got rid of it but I had rather not use the petroleum stuff again. Anybody have a magic bullet for this? Most of the growth is thick bushy stuff at ground level. Can't run a mower over it because of all the left over stumps from the cut stalks. Probably have about 1000 square feet to deal with.
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Sorry. It will probably take a tiller or a disc blade and a lot of pulling it up and hauling it.
Some cultivars send out runners under the soil that can go several feet before they pup.

You could try an ad on Craig's List:
Free Bamboo - You dig
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I have bamboo infiltrating my property. From neighbors on two sides. It's a constant battle to keep it at bay. It's become so much of a problem around here, That it was actually banned in my town. Short of legal action, there's nothing I can do to stop it.
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Sounds like a tough job. Bamboo is grass and spreads by rhizomes. As such, you are going to have to pull the roots to permanently get rid of it. Here in central IL, we have Autumn Olives (bush) and Horse Tail (weed), both of which are equally invasive and difficult to get rid of, so I know the frustration.
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Over 2000 varieties of Bamboo, most of it invasive with a rhizome root structure. Chemical warfare is the only answer, sans digging up the whole backyard and sifting the dirt for traveling roots. When it pops up spray it, wait a week and dig that spot up. Persistance will eventually win out..........
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I worked for a horticulture department doing weed control experiments for 2 years, and this was what we got called about the most. The best solution we found was to take roundup pro (the highest chemical content you can find) and put it straight into a cup, take a paintbrush and go to town. Go out with little tiny clippers and cut the top off of the growth, then "paint" the roundup on the open cut.

Sounds like you would have a lot to do, but you may can work it a small section at a time till its gone. Good luck
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I tried to dig some of that crap out for my neighbor with my backhoe. Thought I was going to bust something on the hoe before I got it out.
that stuff is tough.
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Plant a barrier of copper sheets to stop it, that is the only way to contain Bamboo.

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My neighbor to the rear has a ton of bamboo that keeps growing over the chain link fence and into my yard. I just mow the new growth weekly with the rest of my yard. Haven't had any problems since.

To your question about mowing over the "stumps". When I did my first major clean up, I just waited a week after I cut them to let the stumps die a little, then mowed right over them. Bamboo is a pain in the a$$ but really hasn't been that bad now that I can mow it.
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I don't know of a living thing that bleech won't kill.
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Originally Posted by lodel View Post
. Probably have about 1000 square feet to deal with.

go mechanical (dig and remove) or chemical (brush herbicide or hydrocarbons)
bamboo is a scourge
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you need weed killer and you must add a wetting agent . without the wetting agent it won't work ! Bamboo has a very waxy coating on its leaves and you need something to penetrate it .
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Burn it out!!!!

Did I ever tell you guys how much I like fire?
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Another option since i saw how much you have to deal with is to mow it you can or machete it, then put round up in a sprayer and add a couple tablespoons of dish soap. Dont shake it but do gently stir to get the soap mixed in and then spray all of the open cuts instead of having to brush them one by one. The problem.....if there is anything like grass around will all be dead to.
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call George Zimmerman hes good at killing
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Maybe get a couple of pandas? The interweb says they eat about 14 pounds of it a day. Problem solved.

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