Flea treatment?

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Default Flea treatment?

My dog (45 lb mutt) has been on Trifexis for 7 months. The past two days he's gotten extremely itchy. I get the brush out and pick off 4 fleas from him very quickly. The Trifexis I've been paying 25 bucks a pill for are clearly not working.

It looks like I can get Advantix or Advantage or Frontline Plus for much cheaper. Advantage does not work on ticks; the other two do. Trifexis does not treat ticks. But, Trifexis also does heartworm. He goes into the woods occasionally so tick protection would be good.

This is more of a Veterinarian question but I gave him a Trifexis pill 4 days ago. Can I switch and give him a dose of either Advantix/Advantage/Frontline even though he just took a Trifexis pill?

I would also appreciate advice on natural flea treatments. This is my inner hippy talking but I'd rather find a natural solution instead of giving my dog unpronounceable chemicals.

Please help a bean bag stealing boat dog with any suggestions you can offer.
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I heard my vet say last year that he had some dogs that he had to give oral flea treatment and topical treatment to just to keep the fleas at bay. Before I went with trifexis I had the same experience finding fleas on my dog when I was giving him frontline. My dog has a terrible allergy to fleas so I expect I will be double treating here shortly since the weather has warmed up.
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I began giving my Boykin spaniel trifexis 3 months back in lieu of the vectra 3d blue. The vectra was oily and burned his skin. The trifexis seems to be working ok. I have noticed him scratching lately which I plan to watch closely. The vet doesn't speak to high of frontline products. He wears a vectra collar for tick prevention. Collar good for 3 months.
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I had great luck with Advantage, I got my boxer and he was full of fleas, one treatment and I couldn't find a flee on him. I washed him and the entire house, gave him the treatment 24hrs after giving him a bath and have not looked back since. I gave him the 2nd treatment like 4 months ago and still have an unused dose left, that I didnt need.
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The fleas down here him KW stand flat footed and screw turkeys but Comfortis kills them well
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I have used Advantage for the past 3 years and have not had a problem until this week (found 2 on him this week) I can tell you in south FL the fleas are bad this year, many people I know have been finding them on their dogs. Dont use frontline its not working anymore, and spray your yard if possible (had ours done yesterday).
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I use Sentry Fiproguard good and the dogs tolerate it well.
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Last year, stopped using regular Frontline, it just quit working, I went to Frontline Plus, as it started get to get alittle warm here in central florida in the past few weeks, I have picked off some fleas and they are scratching again . I spray my yard...i have even started to walk them on the street !!!
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Originally Posted by Trayder View Post
The fleas down here him KW stand flat footed and screw turkeys but Comfortis kills them well
x2 for Comfortis
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If you are just treating for Fleas Comfortis is by far the best I ever used.
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Originally Posted by hodgie2411 View Post
If you are just treating for Fleas Comfortis is by far the best I ever used.
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For a few dollars more per tablet you can get Trifexis, which is made by the same manufacturer. Has the same ingredient as comfortis, but also has heartworm prevention, and intestinal parasite prevention.
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I have been using K9 Advantix for 25 years no issues. For heartworm I use Ivermectin or Zemectrin. A monthly treatment costs about $15/year.
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I've had this fight with my vet in years past. Both dogs were on advantix and heartgard. Advantix failed us, switched to comfortis, ticks not a big concern. Then comfortis failed us. Heard good things about trifexus and like the idea of an all in one, so we made that switch six months ago. No fleas at this point.

The main thing (my vets shitty argument), is treating both the dog and the yard. The logic being you can have your dogs on the best meds in the world, but if your deadbeat neighbor does nothing, the fleas will jump into your yard if there is no barrier preventing them.

He also suggested comfortis in conjunction with a second topical treatment, alternating every two weeks. Since my damn money tree refuses to grow hundreds, I didn't really give that a second thought. Two dogs times four treatments a month=me in the poorhouse. Especially when I'm not a big fan of "preventative" medicine in the first place.

I started having my pest control guys spray the yard for fleas in the spring when they do their quarterly spraying. In my contract it was free. Worth looking into if you have a "city" dog. With room to roam, that's another story.
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Fleas in FL are the worst, if anyone offers solutions make sure they live in FL as the further north you go the easier they are to treat. We have 2 mutts and are in the same battle right now. We had the yard treated and that has helped, but still have problems. Front line works on the German Shepard mix, and nothing seems to work on the 6 month old lab mix pup.
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