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Originally Posted by ol guide View Post
buy a plane ticket, rent a condo, cabin or palapa or whatever, kickback and relax and then when its over go home. no hassle and you can travel globally. why maintain and insure a big vehicle?
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You already have a truck so get a truck camper, no reistration, no engine to maintain, no tires to buy, no insurance, you can drop it and explore in your truck or just take it along
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Better Tequilla and Extreme Motorhomes on Nat Geo..
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We have had both, I loved the Motor Home when we traveled with our kids, They did not fight at all, one in the bedroom watching his movie, the other in the living area watching her movie. One of us could always get in some decent sleep while the other drove. Always a bathroom for us. We did tow a car. Not 100% sure if you can travel in a 5 wheel on the road, I think in some states you can with a intercom system, we never did with our 5 wheel but I have seen others do it. In your case I would do the 5W as you already have the tow rig. If you do go the motor-home route pulling a car is a must. You can not expect to use your MH to run to the store, and get around, it takes a long time to level, set up your awnings, slide outs, sewer and water, electric and everything else involved. Either way it is a great way to travel. We have met so many really great folks on the road. We still have great memories, and my kids still talk about it.
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Neighbor is retired and has a class A motorhome. They spend the winter months traveling along the gulf coast. He is an AF vet and they can camp on any military base for silly-cheap (free?). They have a SUV that they tow behind their motorhome too. They say they love it and would miss it if they were to stop. His biggest complaint is the cost of fuel and having to be careful about the roads that they take.

My plan is to get a truck and a tow-behind toy hauler. The ability to drop the trailer and then use the truck to get around seems infinitely more logical to me than having to pull a go-cart behind a giant bus. I like to get off the beaten path when I travel, so while the class As are amazing, they are not enough for me to sacrifice mobility.
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Originally Posted by strikerthree View Post
5th wheel detach and go once settled

5th wheel
less maint

My buddy has a 40ish foot Allegro.

He does more repair work on it than he sleeps in it.

They sit up too long between use.
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If you already have a suitable tow vehicle a 5th wheel is definitely the right choice! It does take more work to setup but the newer ones with electric jacks, slides, awnings and all are pretty much push button camping. Connections are also much easier than they used to be, one compartment hookup for everything plugged in and all valves in one place.

Neighbor just bought a new 40' with 3 slides, a swing out grill, pop-up flatscreen tv and fridge on the outside not to mention a real nice interior, took us all of five minutes and his wife was cooking dinner. Less than $40K delivered!

Now my better half wants a new one, shouldn't have let her see it
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I have a 31 foot pull behind, but I have never towed it, it was delivered to the sight when I bought it. I pay buy the year. In this day and age with the price of fuel, and most camp grounds charge between 40 and 50 bucks a night it just would not make sense. The only people I know that make it work do it in smaller rvs and stay at rest stops and parking lots. It is much cheaper to fly or drive and rent a place.
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