Photo All In One Printers

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Default Photo All In One Printers

The printer I am currently using is about 10 years hold (HP 672c). It's time to upgreade. I would like a printer that can print GREAT photos since I have a new digital camera. It also needs to be able to copy/print black/white reports/word docs quickly. I slipped into Office Depot last night and looked a few of them over. The one that stood out was an HP2710. Wireless capable (I have wireless network at home), but it was maybe out my budget of $200-250. Anybody have any recomendations as I don't know much about printers. Thanks!

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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

I have an HP2410, it's does a great job on digital phots and is awesome at text...
I think I paid around 250.00 for it.
It's got the ports built in for a few different media cards and is a scanner and a fax as well, each thing this does, it does great!
No problems........ yet
HP makes a great non-commercial printer.

Just my humble opinion
Gary W
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Bad thing about whatever you buy is that next month they will have one that has more of everything and is updated. The one you just purchased will be obsolete.
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

HP has some great printers, just be sure to completely ignore the ink level monitor, the one I use at work has been saying low ink for the last pack and a half of paper, just an attempt to get you to drop another 30 or 40 bucks on another when it isn't needed. other than that, I have no complaints about HP, except for the forign tech support people, but that call wasn't printer related, oh yeah, and their compaq line of products (junk).
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Love My HP 7700 series. Forget the number. BEAUTIFUL prints. I use general purpose photo paper and looks good. I even like the software it uses for making multi prints.

Wife is onto scrapbooking so it gets a workout.

Have an older Epson photosmart too but it was a letdown. HP.
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Got to agree with above people, HP seems to be the best. If you register for their web site they can give you some great advice and deal on lessons, software, and updates, etc.
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Get yourself a multi function laser for all of your other stuff and go to Eckerds, CVS, etc. for your photos. Just my lil ol .02.
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Don't waiste your money printing pictures at home. You can use web based printing services for far less then it will cost you to print at home. I looked into the home printing and between the cost of the ink and the special photo paper you will spend a small fortune just for some pictures that will not last anyway. I use a service called winkflash they are on the web. 16 cents per print 99 cent shipping on orders. They also are very reasonable on enlargements. I know Walmart and others also have services that you can send your pictures to and then go to the store to get your prints.

Good Luck

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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

Here is what i have found

I agree its usually cheaper to use wallyworld or CVS machines or BUT i have found that if I want a nice 8 by 10 and didn't use enough pixels in my settings - like the camera was set for email quality - the old HP deskjet 842C I have seems to somehow fill-in the blanks and make a decent picture (color) - even if I used the 600x400 resolution mode.

By the way (and a bit off topic, sorry) I just got the Nikon D-70 with a 1/2 gig card. It'll take like 300 pics at about 2000x3000 resolution!! And you can take a high quality and email shot at the same time. Also, no shutter delay. The Nikon sftware is great fro editing and organizing also - but still haven't fugured out how to move the pics from the program to my main picture files, or the attach directly to an email without having the camera hooked up. The written documentation for the software is not that great. But there is an on-line help group - i have yet to use.

But for 99% of the uses (not sports where you can't tolerate the shutter delay) the basic 3MP Olympus 3x zoom point and shoot is as good - and 1/5 the price.

Let us know what printer you get if any and how you like it!! Good Luck!
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Default Re: Photo All In One Printers

I know every article I've read about printing pictures at home says, "buy a stand alone picture printer and really it isn't dollar wise fesable unless you are printing a lot of pictures - if so, then buy a good one"

For your text documents I would only go with a laser - cheapest per page you can get - 1200x1200 dpi is more then you need. 600x600 is really all you for text and graphs.

If you buy laser, I would buy HP. When shopping for laser printers do not be lured in by the cost of the printer alone, inquire what it costs for your toners. Generally the cheapest laser printers have the most expensive usables. Also factor in the amount of pages the the usables per cost can produce.

InkJet printers: I can buy them (HP, Epson, Canon......) off of the shelf for $80 - generally it costs about $55-60 for replacement cartridges (B&W and colour) so you will have to balance costs out at the time of purchase. The $80 printers do an excellent job for the home owner and occasional light pro work.

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