$$$ problems.

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Default $$$ problems.

If you had some just sitting idle what would you do?

Bury it in the yard, stock, mutual funds, raw land?

What are you doing to preserve and grow?
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I'm in a few stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. As of now, dividend/interest payout is roughly 5.8%. Moderate gains.
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I'd invest 95% on wine, women and song. I would probably just p#ss away the remaining 5% on junk I don't need.
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not to steal Al's thunder but...hookers and blow?
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Preserve = mattress or underground safe
Grow = black jack table or stock market - your pick. Crap shoot either way
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Depends on the amounts and where you are in life. If you're up there in age, and we're talking more than $1m, start doling it out to your loved ones to keep more of it away from the Feds. Estate tax cuts rising won't even be debated by the GOP.

If you're talking smaller amounts, or are younger, real estate isn't a bad bet right now, particularly something you can "non-vacation" rent. Plop down the 20%, get yourself a low assed rate, hire a management company, and start collecting $$ while your equity goes up. Lots of depressed markets to play around in right now.
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My extra $$$ is in my credit union making 1%. I asked my UBS stockbroker a year ago if I should move that into the stock market and he told me to keep it in the bank, "it might not grow much but you wouldnt lose it".
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How much ya yalking about... a mil or more ?
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Anyone have a good investment company or broker? I am using Vanguard with small gains but nothing like 5-7%.
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silver and guns, older S&W's, Militaria 1911's, 15# of Blow and a 3" hole saw

Of my portfolio, I am believe I am well diversified:

30% of my assets : 50% of my remaining 401K in Vietnam Markets, 25% in Precious metals, 12% in muni's, 12% in random stuff I picked off of the investment sheet.

The balance of my 401K I lost due to 2008-current re-alignment I have replaced with an additional term life policy that is locked in for 30 years

15% of my assets: Cash on hand is that, cash on hand and possesed precious metals

25% Real estate

30% invested in two businesses

10,000 rounds of assorted ammunition and several tools to use it in.

and my address is 321 Usox Cox Lane


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I am a generally conservative investor. Set up an asset allocation, re-balance etc. with the majority of my portfolio say 75-80%. Make changes in allocation when things look bubbly (like the credit/bond market is now) and then use about 20% to take advantage of trends. I put about 10% in water related equities eight years ago and that has done real well and will continue to do so. With the amount of money printing going on worldwide bonds will be a bad investment over the next several years and reflation assets will be better. A major change is coming as the BOJ for the first time in 30 years will inflate. Japan is a very rich nation and the devaluation of the yen will cause a major shift to risk/reflation assets. The politicians however will make for a lot of volatility. Just need to understand that and take advantage of major moves in either direction.
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I have a bunch of MTGE. Well run REIT and pays like clockwork every quarter. I also have bunch of AT&T that pays a little less than 6%. Seagate pays well too so far and a good track record. A few other stocks to play with and the rest with GE Interest Plus.
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Personally I'd do physical metals (silver gained 15% in 2012 and gold did 9%), a good cheap hunk of land (100 acres or so of timber land near civilization) that you can improve, and put the rest into some good dividend stocks, tax sheltered of course, either in a Roth or 401...

Real estate rentals is really running now if you can swing the nut and deal with property management.

Or you can just go the hookers and blow method!
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Originally Posted by Boataholic View Post
not to steal Al's thunder but...hookers and blow?
You bastid!

Big Al
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Dividend paying, blue chip type stocks. Should net you a total return of at least 7%. Dividends alone will be 2.75 to 4.35% or more. As people move out of bonds...that bubble is next, cash will flock into equities. Specifically, dividend paying equities cause where else can a typical bond holder get a decent payment today? Dividends.
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Originally Posted by Qb1rdman View Post
interesting news.............
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Originally Posted by boataholic View Post
not to steal al's thunder but...hookers and blow and a boat?
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Natural gas has probably bottomed out as a hold longer term...possibly
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