watched bamazon last night

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Default watched bamazon last night

Looks like another show on gold mining but this guy doesn't have to borrow the money

I could have swore in the opening he had a 170 but in the show he had a 220 excavator
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Looks like another bunch of drama queens. In the first episode his "go to" guy was ready to quit because his barge didn't show up, and the backup "go to" guy was going to "do something he regretted" to the head honcho. Was hoping it would not be so drama filled. This seems to be the course of any reality show. The first iteration is mostly factual, but not drama filled enough to get a huge audience. The 2nd iteration has the right mix of drama and facts to have a decent audience. The third iteration is nothing but drama, and is over the top.
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I watched it.

My favorite part was when they had the blown hose on the excavator that they went to retrieve. The narrator says something like they scavenged a hose from an old excavator... the hose they put on was brand spanking new out of the box.

Also what is up with the "pieces of gold" they found when they tested that area. It looked like a bunch of flour gold stuck together. So they do 4 test pans in one area, 3 are blanks and one has $200 worth of gold in it
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I think it might be better then the jungle gold one
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