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Adventures in Online Dating

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So VS - I guess she turned out to be Bi ------- polar, not the other ( good) kind!

There certainly are a lot of broken toys out there these days. We kind of have the holiday/Valentines day speed dating crush off now, seems like there are a lot of women looking for "the relationship" these days..... or maybe I'm just seeing it more instead. Don't know, don't care.
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Originally Posted by MikeeBooshay View Post
I got busy, not sure about the rest of the inmates.

Have kind of had one lady over a lot last few weeks, she has been trying very hard to domesticate me. We had the discussion - " you're not the only one I see", but it seems she only re-doubled her efforts after that. I did have a hard talk with her last night about "shit-testing " me when a friend of mine had too much to drink and stayed over Monday night. I wasn't giving up my friends, just for her sake, however bad choices my friends make, doesn't make me choose her over them as a blanket choice. Said friend WAS female, not someone I am involved with, but the jealousy bone was out full force. Pointed out that although I don't sleep with my ex, I still hang out with her and my daughter, am I getting the stinkeye over that eventually?

Took her to Louisiana with me last weekend, rain and all. While I was out fishing, she re-arranged my kitchen. I was not pleased, that felt a little invasive for my tastes. Thankfully, she has her kid for the next few days, and I have company this weekend, shooting match all weekend keeping me busy. SHe's cute, she's sexy, very giving type girl, smart etc, I hate to just toss her away, but don't like feeling suffocated much either......

There may or may not be a couple of friends come by during the match LOL.
Should’ve made her ass get on the boat
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Old 04-10-2019, 07:18 PM
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Spring is coming wrap it up boys!
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Originally Posted by Kenner 23 View Post

Should’ve made her ass get on the boat
Naw, I was on the boat to get some time AWAY from her!!!!
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I hit the pre-valentines rush. Rolled through a few, had fun. Met some time wasters and got lucky and found a great one. She 8 years younger, has kids (which I'm happy about,) and very driven in career and personal life as I am. Fitness is a priority to her, even more than me which I've never experience before. It's a big part of my life and I've always been made to feel guilty about it. She runs and we've hit the gym a couple times with no issues...again not an experience I'm used to.

She's never been a boater, fisherman before but is not the least bit phased by it. She's the type that if I told her she needs to learn how to back the trailer in so I can load the boat would say "ok sure, show me how...Ok got it." Tells me she wants to learn to fish this summer.
Don't know how long it will last, but so far I'm pretty happy about it.

Oh yeah, and she's fit, in shape and energetic.

Couple exes in play (one not so happy) and a neighbor that's a (lot younger) that wants to get together, but I don't have time or desire to screw up the current deal. Buy I've done it before so may happen again.
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Remember the Motto
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Had an interesting date last night.

As most of you are probably aware, it has been raining for days here in Houston. I was meeting this last at a nice upscale restaurant about midway between our places, and as you might guess, the skies opened up with rain of epic proportions about a half hour before we were scheduled to meet up. I texted her, "please valet when you get there, I got this, don't want you to get soaked getting inside". She answered something about isn't there parking there, and I said yes, but valet is easy etc. I arrived first told her I was in the bar, meet me there.

She arrives, and OMG, had a meltdown. The valet line was about three cars long, not bad at all, for the weather we were having, and of course there was zero non-valet parking available. It is raining so hard, I expected to see an ark pass by on the feeder road of the freeway. Two more suggestions to valet, and she is absolutely freaked out that she has to valet, can't park anywhere etc. Now, mind you, it's an hour from her place, that she has invested already, and she decides to leave without coming in. I'm like whatever, I'm not begging you to do anything, either park or GTFO.

I finished my drink, made another date with a girl that has been asking to go out that lives five minutes from me, retrieved the Jeep, drove back towards the house, met the other girl for a lite late dinner/drinks and ended up sitting in the hot tub in the rain with her till after mid nite.

This morning, the girl that stayed over, said, "you know Mikee, WHY the girl didn't valet?" I was like no, IDGAF, why? I actually wasn't sure, just thought she didn't like people in her car, or was ashamed of her car( not likely, she has a good job). She said, she probably has a current DWI, and has a blow and go installed in her car, and the valet can't start it up afterwards. Mikee goes.... damn, probably it, but if so, I'm not a good fit for her anyways. If I can't depend on my girl to have a few drinks, I might not ever get her clothes off, I need that to cloud her otherwise clear judgement!

Thank goodness for back up plans though!
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I was wondering when this thread would resurface and Mikee brings it back with a bullet!!
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Another classic Mikey!
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