When did it all happen...

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Default When did it all happen...

I was at the local "Y" today, swimming lessons for my 2 yr old. My wife was with me so when it came time to shower up there was no problem. A lady we met there had her 7 yr old son with her but was told he was too old for the womens locker rm and that she could not go into the mens locker rm to check on him.

I was in the locker rm with him but got done before him, waiting in the common area was his Mom and she asked how he (her son) was doing. I said he was getting dressed and he was fine, she told me the above as we chatted and waited for our families. after a min. the boy called out to his Mom that he needed help. The Mom showed normal concern and I said there's know one else in there (everyone else had left) and the Mom went in. (he was having trouble untieing the knot in his swimsuit) as the Mom was coming out with her boy the instructor past by and scolded her about being in the mens rm., She has legit. concerns with her son yet she can't take him into the womens rm.

When did the US become such a pansy state that we can't use simple common sense anymore? It's really pathetic!
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I think 7 is a little old to be in the opposite sexes locker room too. I also think mom should not be in the mens locker room. It was nice of you to help them out. I think telling the boy his mother was at the door and to go out and see her once you discovered the problem would be the right thing. She could have untied the knot in the hall without his bathing suit falling off. I don't see the need for a scolding by the staff.
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I'd have to agree with some of Blythe's points.

Let's ask the opposite question - 7 yr old girl and her Dad. Would the Dad have the right to go into the woman's locker room, absolutely not, however, if I was her Dad she would not leave my sight and I'd find other options.
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Don't they have "family" changing rooms/bathrooms?? I would ask I'd bet they do.
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