Finally got my hands on one

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Default Finally got my hands on one

A SA XDS that is. I went by Academy and made my weekly trek to the gun counter to ask if they had gotten any in yet. To my surprise the young lady said yes! I was not at all disappointed when she pulled it out. That little 45 felt great in my hands. They had it for sale at $529. That's a bit less than retail. I really like the way it feels and looks. It's was small enough to conceal easily, and not too heavy. If a 45 was in my future that would be it.
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I got one! SA XDS - Same price - was on the waiting list and got one of the first arrivals at my local gun shop.

Shot it this past weekend - to me it shoots like my Glock 26 9mm - recoil is not bad at all. I will pick up some extended mags soon, even though grip is about right for me.

Same overall height as my Sig P238 and about an inch longer. I carry OWB and it is as easy to conceal as the Sig.

Love the gun - highly recommended! Have shot Winchester FMJ and Federal Hydroshock
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yep, my local gun shop has one, as well. got to play with it last week. didn't shoot it, but was really impressed with how it felt. l also love how it looks. a mini XDm, sort of. sure is hard to argue with having the 45 in such a concealable size.
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I can't get beyond the cost of 22LR.
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