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Default Window Unit Heat & Cool

I have a small space I am finishing and want to heat and cool. I am thinking about a window unit that will do both. Anyone ever heard of the brand Fedders? I like the size their unit comes in. Any other brand that you guys would recommend?
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Check out portable units, on wheels that vent out the window. It will Give you use of the window went you want it. I have a raised porch and I vent mine through the floor.
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Fenders has been around forever....they seem to work fine.
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Fedders has been around for a long time but they don't get the best reviews these days. Check into other brands, electric is not the best way to heat a space for sure it's expensive.
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Get a mini-split unit. A little more expensive but more secure, efficient, and attractive than a window unit.
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Due to my MS symptoms I'm very heat/cold sensitive. Other than the central HVAC I put a window unit in the room I stay in most often, and just use an electric space heater in winter. I looked at the dual heat/cool units and they just don't seem to do one or the other very well.
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Fedders is fine for a window unit.

A "mini" (ductless split) system is better and a lot more money.

As Bugbuster said, neither one does both functions well, the floors tend to be cold when the temps really drop. Typically, they're good at cooling, not so much for heating.

If you can supplement the heat with baseboard radiators or something made for heating, you'd be more comfortable. A lot depends on how small a space and the construction.
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Basically I am finishing off what is an attic. It has full stairs going up and is already fully floored. I am throwing up some drywall and some finishes. We will use the space as a playroom for the kids. The house is on the market and have had very little activity. This will add about 800 sq. ft. I can do 99% of the work my self. I suspect that we will have the house for a minimum for 6-8 more not only will it make the house more marketable we will get the benefit of using the space. Thoughts??
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I can't speak to dual heat/cool units, but I bought a bunch of windows AC's last year of a variety of brands (kenmore, frigidaire, samsung) and the Samsung units are by far my favorites. Better air flow, less noise, overall better.
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For your use, a heat/cool window unit should be fine. Being a former attic space, you probably wont need much heat anyway.

Be sure to check the electrical spec's. I have a vacant rental unit that has a unit like what you're planning and I believe it's on a dedicated 20amp, 220volt circuit.
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Fedders is liked only by the oldies and it doesn't seem to have any good reviews now. Why don't you look for an other?
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Shoud work fine and save a few bucks over alternatives. I do not recommend the portable units on wheels with vent hose and drain hose and such - the mini splits are fine also and very $$$$ I would go with what you have in mnd- lots of brands that do heat cool if you don't need much heat. Lots of mfgrs of those things too.
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