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Default AT&T U-verse

Anyone switched thier wireless dsl over to U-verse? Opinions? Satisfied with it?
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Had it got rid of it. Billing is BS and comcast is quicker. It actually took them a month to make it work hafl decent. It never lived up to what they claimed
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Got it...have had it for about 3 years....billing is a pain, but it never goes out and the whole house DVR is the deal.

Comcast may be better in South Florida, but they are awful here.
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switched both my Key West homes to it, I HATED Comcast, love U-verse internet is fast enough for me but I think Comcast is faster. the wireless DVR and whole house connectivity for the DVR is great and its less expensive.

whats the issue with billing for you guys?
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It won't sustain a security system. It's voip and won't work regarding security systems.
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I have had it for over three months now and its much worse than standard dsl was. Untold the number of hours I've spent with the Support group (located outside the US) and it's still horrible. First the wrong modem was shipped, then after two more modems, it won't connect from homepage to most sites without going thru diagnosis type crap. Agree about the billing,,, I never know what I'm paying for or what credits may be being applied.

Update - Just now it took two attempts to get to THT. U-verse couldn't locate and had to run diagnostics...this has been a common thing with U-verse for me anyway. To sell me initially, they used the fiber-optic vs old stuff,,, but they didn't bother to tell me that where I live doesn't have fiber optic.

The billing - they offer this and that, then you get a large bill....I don't know but I'm totally not happy with this service.

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Have had it for over a year, it has been great never goes out, had 3 different companies before and they were out all of the time.
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Been 2 years, no complaints.
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I had it for 3 years and loved it. Never had to make a service call and never in the 3 years did I have to rest the modem. After moving I was forced to go back with Time Warner and speeds are spotty along with service and I have to reset the modem at least once a week. Hopefully U-Verse will come to my new area.
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Had it for a year and half. The reps that come to your house to tell you the pricing LIE! We have yet to get the price they promised us. Pricing will change (to the upside) at your one year anniversary. First we were told the boxes were free (so they encouraged us to get as many as we want), half way thru the first year we start getting billed $7 ea (now it's 3 free and pay for the rest). The main Cisco DVR box has died TWICE. Took about 3 weeks to get a new one both times because they were supposed to get a new one shipped and a box to send the old one back (never came) had to call raise hell to get a service guy to come out and swap both times....all this after a on the phone 30 minute "diagnostic test" to determine that, yes it is broken and needs replacing. Arrrg! They rewire all your cable outlets with Cat 5 cable so it won't be easy to switch back.

That said it's a good service although the quality of the picture is not what they claim and you better be sure you have something in writing on the pricing and the term it's good for.

Def a bait and switch thing with Att.
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Had over 2 years and no complaints once the system was setup for my house. Internet is very fast and the picture quality is very good, much better than Comcast here in the east. Most people are waiting for
U-verse as their street is not ready yet to switch to fro Comcast. Would not switch back to Comcast as I get much more for my money.
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I'm an old Bellsouth customer 9 years DSL and it ain't broke so I'm not changing it.
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I'm with gator.
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Very good service, billing issues suck tho!
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They told me it would be $43/mo., but I've yet to see a bill for that amount. Plus, since the support folks (non USA) couldn't figure anything out to make it work better they insisted that it had to be the modem. NOT....its even worse now and they charge $100., but credit you back when you return the one you had. Comcast isn't avail here so thats not an option. They did send a tech. out to "fix" it but he admitted that didn't know anything about U-verse, and no local techs. did. Said he'd do some checking and call back.. That was at least three weks ago. Sure am glad I "updated" my service. I only have it for the internet, as its not avail. yet for anything else here yet.
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IF ATT was the last company on the earth to use for phone service and internet...I'd go without and I mean it.

They have no customer service department, their follow through is atrocious, one department has NO IDEA what the other is doing nor do they have any interest in helping you. They are HORRIBLE....find someone else.
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U-Verse at both houses, going on a year now, no complaints.
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Loses signal for 3 minutes at least 3 times a night....never during commercials!!!
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Its been great for me...the HD is phenomenal.
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Switched from Cox Cable over a year ago. Internet speed might be a bit slower. DVR is superior which makes up for the internet. I now have much more space, can record more shows at once, and watch on any TV. I am happier.
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