Water damage in the home

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Default Water damage in the home

I'll ask, but I figure I already know the answer.

The laundry room is on the main floor and the Misses flooded it out - the washing machine drains in the laundry room tub and the stopper was in.

Anyway downstairs is fully finished with drywall, crown molding and broadloom.....well aren't I starting to smell mold , at least what smells like mold.

I guess there is no other way of dealing with this other than ripping it out and throwing it away? If mold has started in the broadloom can it be cleaned?
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Might start with a heavy duty dehumidifier if you haven't already. How much water you figure?
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Rip out everything that is wet, get DEHU's and Blowers going and spray microbial everywhere. Keep the air conditioner going full blast, the DEHU's are going to heat your house and you want to keep the temp below 72 degrees, the point at which most algae's grow.
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Is broadloom carpeting?

When did this happen?

I had flooding in my basement and pulled the carpet and foam underlay back and ran fans until it dried. I never had any further problems with it. You should be ok if you get it completely dried out. Spray some dilute bleach on the surfaces if you smell mold or mildew.

You should be able to save and dry the molding.

I would be tempted to cut the bottom couple of inches of drywall off, dry behind it, and put new strips of drywall up.

Just what you needed, another time-consuming project.
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report claim to homeowners insurance that is a covered peril and get a water damage restoration company involved asap. if you do develop mold then that will most likely not be covered on your homeowners policy because you have a responsibility as the homeowner to mitigate your loss, it takes mold 48-72 hours to grow so you have 1-2 days to start mitigation before you have failed in your duty to mitigate the loss in the eyes of your insurance.
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Take out flooring, how far up the wall did it get wet? you cold cut 8 inches up and across and only replace that?

Water makes a damn mess, good luck
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Get your insurance company involved immediately. I had water heater spring a leak in the cottage, caught it within 18 hours. Water cleanup crew was on the job 6 hours later, place completely dried out and like original 5 days later. Insurance paid for everything, waived my deductible because I had jumped on the problem and had removed more than half the water by the time the cleanup crew arrived.
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I do this for a living. Get your ins. company involved and file a claim. Get a restoration company involved to take care of the problem. Make sure that it is a reputable company.

Good luck.
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Best wishes to you. Accidents happen and you'll get through it. As my Mom always said "This too shall pass"
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There's a reason that you must take this especially seriously. First, the problem happened upstairs correct? And the water ran don into the room(s) below. So you have a pretty fair amount of wet floor, subfloor, drywall and insulation right?

Did this happen today? If so, then you still have a chance to maybe save the drywall by getting it professionally dried up, fast. To do that, you'll need a professional restoration company to come out with big (REAL) dehumidifiers and fans. These are not the dehumidifiers you buy at Sears!

Or did this happen a couple days ago? If so, then it's too late for that plan... and you will probably have to remove the drywall and insulation that got wet. If you see or smell mold- then it's too late and the drywall must come out. Still- this should happen quicker than later... cause things get worse.

Water damage is progressive. It gets worse, and more expensive.

You don't want mold. and if you already have it.. you don't want more... so do something fast.

Good luck. Maybe call SERVPRO?.. they are in Canada now too.
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It happened a couple of days ago and because I so frigg'n ill I haven't been able to do anything about it....I guess the Misses did a damn poor job of cleaning up...ah well, such is life. She says she can't smell anything, but I've got a schnoz like a blood hound and smell it all the way up on the second floor.

I'll call the insurance company in the morning because I'm not up to dealing with this.
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YUCK! I was gonna' recommend Servpro, too - they seem to be THE water/fire cleanup folks around here. We used them for some "cigarette smoke" cleanup at our old place when we had it for sale and they did a very good job.

If you call your insurance company, see if your RATES will go up or if they'll cancel if you make the claim. If so, get Servpro in there and get an estimate - make be less in the long run.

On a similar note: I picked up my wife's '06 Accord this P.M. - along with the $763.45 INVOICE for a new bumber cover and some welding that was nesessary. She backed (sort of ) out of the driveway a couple of months ago and ran over the telephone, cable TV, and electrical boxes (yes - all THREE!) that are on the property line - and tore a nice chuck out of the right rear "bumper cover" (1/4 panel), and opened a seam between the body and the cover that COULD have allowed exhaust fumes to enter the truck and/or CAR. Although our insurance company said they WOULDN'T go up or cancel ($400 deduct on this type of damage), she didn't want to take the chance. This is why we have SEPARATE bank accounts for these kinds of "uncontrollable brain farts".

Hope you're felling better, man - bummer at your YOUNG age!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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