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Just need to give some feedback on RogueMotion.

Earlier this year, I committed to buying a boat from the US to bring back to Australia. Ended up settling on a Key West 176BR from RogueMotion in SC. I admit to finding Marcus Taylor there very helpful in answering the constant stream of questions and requests I had and gave excellent customer service. They organised the shipping to me here. All went well except an issue with the trailer, that Marcus didn't shirk his responsiblity and got it sorted out to a very satisfactory result for me.

The boat is here and I love it.

I would happily recommend dealing with Marcus at RogueMotion.


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This is Rogue Motion in Charleston, SC? I too had an overall good experience with them. I worked with Dru Williams.
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Yeap, that is them.
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Good to hear of good experiences!
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After much research and looking I found my first boat family boat (2013 234 Sea Hunt Escape) at Rogue Motion, Charleston SC. I live in Jacksonville FL and finding a good condition DC was an adventure on its own, so the 4 hr drive to Charleston was the easy part. Dru walked me through the purchase, sea trial and repair of minor items. He worked with my lender and mechanic for the inspections. Spent a couple hours with me towing, launching and retrieving the boat the day I came to get it to get a feel for the boat. I cannot express what a pleasure it was to work with these folks.

If you are in the mkt for a used boat, call them. Tell them what you want and they will find it eventually. My local marine mechanic was impressed with my story of service and said it good to see that there are still small brokers out there who do the industry justice.
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I've been a THT reader for years now, but have never signed up to post since I don't have much knowledge to offer. I signed up to post specifically to share my experience with Rogue Motion. I feel like it's only fair for me to post my experience with them. I originally contacted them about an EdgeWater they had for sale in 2012. Unfortunately the boat sold to another buyer before I could offer, but they were very helpful and courteous. I ended up finding a great EdgeWater on Craigslist and have loved it since.

I am currently selling the EdgeWater 175CC due to a relocation, and it has been a nightmare to deal with Dru. I took the boat to him on 4 April. Upon inspection he mentioned to me that his mechanics would take a look at it and he would let me know what they say. Two weeks went by with no word. After harassing him by email and phone, I finally got him on the phone. I explained my frustration with him and he apologized and said it was due to him taking over the company. He promised he would improve by giving us a short update once a week (all we were asking). He said the boat needed some trailer work, stereo speaker repair, and seat repair, all very reasonable repairs to put the boat at the condition it needed to be for them to certify it with their name. We understood and agreed to pay for the reparis. He said they would have it done and for sale soon.

As of 5 June, the boat is still not listed for sale, and we do not know what, how many, or how much the repairs will be on the boat. We hadn't heard from him in weeks, despite us trying to contact him many times. He is impossible to contact both by phone and email. I just emailed him saying that unless he contacts me by tomorrow, I'll be taking my boat to another deal to be sold. Surprise surprise, he emailed me back quickly saying he will call tomorrow.

I don't like bad mouthing businesses, but this has been a miserable experience and I would not want anyone else to deal with the same issues. I had good faith in this company before, but cannot wait to be done with this ordeal at this point. I will gladly update any chance to my experience as it happens, but I wanted to post this as a warning for others that may be looking to use Rogue Motion's consignment services.
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I stored my boat with Rogue Motion about 3 years ago and I dealt with Marcus. I think he's a decent guy. As I understand it, he was setting up their operation in Australia. Now this was 3- 4 years ago. So maybe he's got his hands full, and that's why he is hard to get a hold of. I felt he was a decent guy and didn't get any uncomfortable feeling about him. Now the dealer I bought my my from in Charleston is another story. So, I'd give Marcus a second chance. People do get tied up and sometimes are overwhelmed. Hope this helps to put a different perspective on things.
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Quick update: Wife has begun dealing with Jamie out of RM. He's been 180 degree difference. We have received updates, and the boat is finally on the webpage and for sale. I'll update with any issues/good experiences in the near future. Also, please pass word of the boat to anyone looking for an EdgeWater!
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