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Default Bamboo Flooring

Has anyone had experience with bamboo flooring? I am looking to do it for my basement, since it somewhat resistant to moisture.
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I have it in both my kids rooms and in the play room. So far it has proven to be very tuff.
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Had it for 6 years. Love it!
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My in laws have it and around the shower and where the washer leaked it has turned black.
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Doesn't that also give you LEED credits if you're into that kinda
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Is bamboo as 'hard' as other hardwood floors? I have seen a couple instances where bamboo floors have dimples/divots from..... mmmmm.... large chicks in heels.
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Buddy of mine put it in his whole house. Bedros, bathrooms and laundry room. Looks good, but the areas prone to moisture, the laundry room and bathrooms, aren't holding up. You may want to put something else in instead.
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Rembember bamboo is a grass and not wood, it holds up very well , but if put down on slabs or wet moisture areas it does not do well.
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I don't think any prefinished laminate wood flooring will stand up th moisture. I tried to use a laminate oak (it was free) in my bathroom. I sealed the end cuts and the T&G plus added coats to the top. 6 years later, the black stain is showing around some edges. The flooring in temporary till I finish the remodel and install tile.

I did a red oak 3/4" wood bathroom floor in my house in CT and it looked like new when I sold it. I sanded the floor by hand and finished it with 7 coats of gloss Val-Oil.
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As double hook said, it's grass not wood. Anywhere you have moisture it sucks it up like a straw then turns black.
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We put a type of treated bamboo floors in our guest house. The house has flooded twice and we've (i.e., the contractor that screwed up) had to pull the floors each time to dry out. They dried out fine. Wife said the treatment makes the floor better able to handle moisture and make them very durable. They look great. But time will tell.
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The BEST Bamboo is Strand Bamboo. Look at Bamboo Importers website and their Strand Bamboo. It's extremely hard (much harder than regular cut bamboo). No wood product should be used in a wet area, period, but for a basement the strand bamboo is the ticket and you still have to use and properly install a vapor barrier. I have used the Strand Bamboo at our house in Topsail and the condo in Ocean City and have been very happy with it. It feels much nicer than other hardwoods. Prior to installing in the house on Topsail, I submerged the sample they sent me in a bucket of water for 2 days and it did not swell one bit! I was shocked! Dried out perfect, too. Same dimensions as before. Again, I was shocked as I couldn't believe there wasn't any absorbtion.
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any chance at moisture......tile it and be done with it trust us on this
not in a basement prone to moisture

wood looking tile is an option
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Originally Posted by Coconut Sunrise View Post
any chance at moisture......tile it and be done with it trust us on this
not in a basement prone to moisture
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