boat lift installing company

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Default boat lift installing company

Hi im contemplating on tje idea of starting business installing boat lifts. Here is my story i work as a engineer on a tug boat i work a 2 week schedule so i have at least 11 days to work a month. I used to inztall elevators for 6 yrs and o built docks on the side. The area where i live theres only 1 installer and hes always 2 months behind. So with 25grand and a willingness to work do you guus think it would be a big risk. Hoping to get some feed back and maybe a installer to chime in thanks.
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Can you weld aluminum?
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I think it is a great idea, the thing would be to take on only the amount of work you can get too in a reasonable amount of time. The only things I see that would be a challenge in that type of company are:
Getting good help, very difficult to get reliable people to work that type of job.
Regulations, be prepared to spend a lot of your time down at the courthouse

The nice thing about that type of business is you could get a good re-occuring buisness going servicing the lifts once they are installed.
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The only drawback I see is doing warrantee work. What if the lift you installed breaks and your on the boat? Can you trust someone to fix it? Is your rep. going to be riding on a guy that doesn't know what he's doing?
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Default boat lifts

Thanks for the replies, no I can't weld aluminum. Yes good help is hard to come by my cousin is a prison guard looking to help out. My uncle holds a master electrical license, I can by lifts from a manufacturer direct and pick them up.I've installed 4liftsso far and its pretty straight forward. I will also be a subcontractor for dock builders they drive the piles and i install the lifts. I used to install elevators for 6 yrs and a boat lift is childs play on comparison. I hope to get going soon looking for a used pontoon boat now that i cancel rig to suite my needs.
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