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Default Nashville Tn -

Okay, need a bit of advice from those of you in the know.

I am relocating down to Nashille in the next few months and would like any and all opinions. Good , bad and otherwise. Were heading just south of the city to the the Brentwood area.

Its a done deal, and Probably my biggest issue will be the lack of saltwater, but the lakes there are huge and ill have to make due.

Good thing i hear, is that Destin Florida is about an 8 hour drive.

This is a huge move for me. I was born and raise within 100 yards of the shore. The kids Play hockey and ski in the winters so were looking at a totally different world.

But the deal is too good and its time for a change. If you dont continue to grow in life, then your not living.

Does anyone here live around there?

Any thought s are appreciated

Thanks in advance!
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I just did some work in the Brentwood area, I was only there for about a week but my impression is that it is a really nice area. If you love going out to eat and jogging you will be in heaven. It seems that place has more resturants than anywhere else I've been.
I was working at The Venue at Cool Springs, a new apartment complex the next exit down from Brentwood by the Nissan building.
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I live in Western Kentucky and for us, Nashville is THE BIG CITY. We have been going there almost monthly for my entire life.

Nashville is famous of course for country music, but really it is ALL music. The music scene really permeates everything. Country, Rock, Christian, Folk, Bluegrass, New Age...whatever. It's everywhere. On any night (weekdays included) there are probably two dozen live music oportunities throughout the city. Three times that on weekends.

Nashville is also home to one of the finest academic universities in the South; Vanderbilt. It is exclusive, expensive, and world renowed. The Vanderbilt Medical Center is also world renowed as a teaching hospital and center for advanced treatments.

Between the music and the university, the city has an incredibly ecliectic and vibrant artsy, fartsy, vibe to it. But still you are in the South. It's safe and friendly. In the entire city, there is probably only an area a few blocks wide that I wouldn't walk through at night. Really exceptional for a big city in this day.

Brentwood is the epitome of suburban yuppydom. It is a highly affluent area, with thousands of McMansions located in dozens of sprawling subdivisions. Excellent schools and the "good" mall(s). After you've lived in Nashville for a while, you may find other areas you like better, but it is definetly a great start. It is removed from the music/art/university/culinary scene I described above (for better or for worse).

Regarding the water: Nashville is smack in the hub of the TVA system (Tennessee Valley Authority) This quasi government agency is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and operation of dozens of HUGE man made impoundments, hydroelectric dams, and coal fired power plants. The resulting reservoirs make for some of the best inland water recreation anywhere. Closest to you will be J. Percy Priest Lake. It is not especially big (by comparison), and being closest to the city, gets the most use/pressure. To the North side of the city is Old Hickory Lake. This is less populated and less used, but still a wonderful lake. About 80 miles north on I24 lies the MASSIVE Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley complex. These two lakes are connected by a man made canal to create the second largest man made reservoir in the world. Here you will find houseboats and cruisers over 100' LOA, numerous camping and recreation opportunities, and fantastic inland fishing. Because these lakes do not lie particularly close to any large metropolitan areas (2hrs from Nashville, 3hrs from Memphis, 3hrs from STL) they receive very little use/pressure. Between the two lakes lies the "Land Between the Lakes" duh, or LBL. This recreational area is managed by the US Forest Service and has numerous full hookup campgrounds, beaches, primitive camping, historical attractions, horseback riding, you name it.
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Don't constantly tell the locals, "that's not how we did it back in ........." Don't wear black socks with sandals.
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Same boat I was in when I first moved from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina. It was a great change from all the crazy's that have moved to Florida from other places and the people are more friendly in a nice way. It's more laid back but believe me you will miss the saltwater something drastically. My first fix was large lake and river cat fishing and now on Lake Lanier Striper fishing. Once your there for a while you'll be homesick but then when you got back to Florida you'll love to visit but be ready to go home once you run into all the rude people all over again.
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I grew up just 10 miles form LBL and Kentucky Lake, spent a lot of time in the Nashville area and still go back yearly. While Nashville has changed quite a bit over the years, it's still laid back. The comments about "that's how we did it back in.." fits perfectly. Also, don't get in a hurry for anything, slow down and enjoy!
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Nashville's great. I grew up there. It's changed a lot in the last 15 years, but it's still a great place. I'm actually leaving work in about 15 minutes..... destination: Brentwood.
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Originally Posted by Gator56 View Post
you'll love to visit but be ready to go home once you run into all the rude people all over again.
and and to u 2 just kidding

I just got back from Nashville, stayed in DT, and LOVED it. Just LOVED Nashville (not enough ever to move from FL though LOL).
The outskirts, the DT area, everything I encountered was 100% positive
They told me if I liked it in the early spring that i'd be overwhelmed in the summer!! Best Biz trip I've had in a few years (and no hooker was involved!)
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Nashville is a fantastic city...I've spent plenty of time there and gotten into plenty of trouble there

Seriously, the poster who spoke of the TN River, LBL, etc...had it right on. There are plenty of options.

From Nashville, it is 7 hours or so to Destin...a bit longer if you are towing a boat.

Being from FL, and living in ATL, I have some of the same issues regarding the distance to saltwater. I can tell you that mountain lakes can be beautiful, and there is something to be said for the reduced maintenance required when you boat in freshwater. That said, we make several trips a year to the fact I just got back on Tuesday.
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I'm a couple of hours east of Nashville, on a large TVA reservoir. Have friends, and friends of friends, in and around Nashville. Really neat city, pretty decent airport, and everything from normal warm-water reservoirs to very good tailwater trout fishing south (Tims Ford) and east (Caney Ford) of you. Great food, music, football are all available. You can also head to Gulf Shores, AL as well as the Florida panhandle in a short day's drive.
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I've lived on the east coast my whole life. I spend a good deal of time in Nashville for work and even considered re-locating. It's a great area and regret not making the move. For me the positives would have completely outweighed moving inland.
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My son (35) lived and worked in West Nashville for about 10 years. He just moved back here (Richmond, VA area) about 2-1/2 years ago. If it wasn't for family here and being able to open a "branch/home office" here, I think he would have stayed.

He works in the music industry and LOVED it there! The several times I visited him, we had a BLAST, and I always enjoyed the area. LOTS to do and ALWAYS a (MANY, MANY!) music venue to entertain, as well as the Country Music History Museum, the Grand Ole' Opry area, kayaking, lake fishing, camping/hiking, etc. and friendly folks everywhere! He also use to "house sit" for one of the BIG country music stars a few weekends a year. He still gets to go back about 2-3 times a year for trade shows/business (he was out there last week and will be going back in July for a week).

I think you'll really enjoy it! GO FOR IT and don't look back!

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I have three unimproved lots on Lake Barkley off of I-24 in Rockcastle Shores. If you want to camp and fish, LMK and I'll send you directions.
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Thanks for all the responses. This really goes a long way.

With any move its a lot of work and we are moving 12 hours away , with kids.. has seemed like a mountain that need climbing.

But I have yet to hear anything negative about the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area and asking here and the responses im getting are making the decision easier.

Lord knows if somone was moving here I would be complaining about taxes.. schools etc...

Im not hearing that from TN and its great to hear it.

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated
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